Connect with WordPress Application-Password support

WordPress Application Passwords enable website owners to generate a unique token in order to authorize a REST API request. Using Application Passwords, you can authorize third-party applications to make REST API requests from your website. 

You can connect your WordPress website with the app using Application Password support. It is recommended that you establish connectivity on AppMySite using WordPress Application Password to avoid connectivity issues in the future. 

The following points highlight the steps you need to follow to connect your website and app with WordPress Application Passwords.

  • Login to your WordPress website’s admin panel as the administrator. 
  • Make sure the AppMySite plugin is updated to version 3.0.0 or higher. 
  • Navigate to Users >Profile. Scroll down to the Application Passwords section. 
  • Enter a name for your application password and click on Add New Application Password.
  • Copy your admin account’s username and the newly generated application password.

Once you have the application password, return to your AppMySite account and navigate to Connectivity > Grant Acess. Next, follow the steps below to connect your website and app using the Application Password generated in the previous section:

  • Turn on the WordPress toggle on the Grant Access screen. 
  • Paste your website’s administrator username and the application password generated earlier. 
  • Click on Verify. If the connection is successful, you’ll be redirected to the App Preview screen. In case the connection is unsuccessful, visit the Troubleshooting screen to diagnose and fix the connectivity issues you’re facing. 

Using an application password to connect your website and app is essential for enabling login & signup support for blog & CMS pages website types, supporting custom post taxonomy, and more. 

Support for Application Passwords is available for AppMySite plugins with code version 3.0.0 and higher. Simply update your AppMySite plugin to the latest version to use Application password support to connect your website and app.

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