Generate WooCommerce REST API Keys

You can generate WooCommerce REST API keys and enter them on AppMySite to connect your online store and app. However, it is recommended you establish connectivity using WordPress Application Passwords. Visit this guide to learn more:

Read: Establish connectivity using Application Passwords

Follow the steps below to generate the WooCommerce REST API keys.

  • Login to the admin panel of your WordPress website.
  • Click on WooCommerce and open Settings.
  • Select the Advanced tab in the WooCommerce settings.
  • Click on REST API. You will have to select the Add key button and fill out the following details:
  1. Description: Enter a friendly name for easy identification.
  2. User: Select the administrator of the website.
  3. Permission: Select Read/Write from the drop-down menu.

You will find the generated REST API keys.

The WooCommerce plugin must be updated to its latest version while generating REST API keys. You may not be able to achieve complete connectivity if an older version of the WooCommerce plugin is installed on your website.

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