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Install AppMySite WordPress plugin

To connect your website and app, you need to install the AppMySite plugin on your website’s admin panel. This step is mandatory for both...

Connect with WordPress Application-Password support

WordPress Application Passwords enable website owners to generate a unique token in order to authorize a REST API request. Using Application Passwords, you can...

Generate WooCommerce REST API Keys

You can generate WooCommerce REST API keys and enter them on AppMySite to connect your online store and app. However, it is recommended you establish...

Validate WooCommerce ownership

Validating WooCommerce ownership enables you to populate your mobile app with products and categories from your website. However, we recommend establishing connectivity with WordPress...

Reasons for connectivity errors

AppMySite enables you to run a series of connectivity tests in the Troubleshooting section of your account. The idea behind these tests is to...

Fix connectivity issues on your own

To build an app on AppMySite, you first have to connect your WordPress website to your app.  During the connectivity process, you may run...

Schedule connectivity checks with the Monitor feature

You can now monitor the connectivity between your website and app with scheduled and automated connectivity checks. Simply schedule connectivity checks on the Monitor...


Grant Access

Generate API details from your WordPress website's admin panel to connect your website and app. Visit the Help Centre section to learn more.


In the Monitor category, you can find guidance on how to schedule connectivity checks between your website & app. Visit the article to know more.

Troubleshoot connectivity

Troubleshoot connectivity issues & establish a successful connection between your website & app. Visit the article to know what errors might cause issues.