Create A Project On Your Firebase Account

You’ll need to create a Firebase account and project to enable features like push notifications and social login in your app. 

While creating an account, you would first need to create a Firebase project. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a project on your Firebase account:

  • Open Firebase on your browser. 
  • Click on Get Started and login with your Google account. 
  • Select Create a Project. Then enter your Project Name. You can write any name related to your app. Select the Firebase Terms checkbox below and click on Continue.
  • Turn on the Enable Google Analytics for this project toggle if you wish to integrate your Google Analytics account associated with Firebase. Let it remain off if you don’t. 
    • If you turn the toggle on, you will be asked to select an Analytics account in the next step. 
  • Click on Create Project to proceed. 

You’ll next be directed to your project dashboard.

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