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I have downloaded my IPA file from the download app section. How can I upload it to the App Store account?

An Apple Developer Account is needed to upload and publish apps on the Apple App Store. Start with creating an Apple ID and proceed to join the Apple Developer Program. You can refer to our detailed support guide and create an Apple Developer Account with ease.

Once you have enrolled for a developer account, you can proceed to submit the IPA file to the app store. This involves two major steps:

  1. Creating App Store listing
  2. Submitting app information

You can create a listing under the My Apps section of your app store connect account. Proceed to add a New App and enter the steps that follow. Fill out the forms that pop-up and enter the crucial information required to create the listing. Create a test flight using the Transporter App and upload your IPA file here to get started. Once your app listing is created and the test flight has been uploaded, the next step is submitting the app related information. Navigate to the App Information section and provide all the information. Add Pricing and Availability details followed with other crucial steps. Finally proceed to uploading the build and submitting the app for review. Refer to our support guide and learn the step by step process of uploading the IPA file to your app store account.

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