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On the General Settings screen, you can add or update the details of your website and mobile app.

Navigate to Settings > General and update the following details of your website and app:

  • URL of your website: Update the URL of your website (if required). If you update your URL, you’ll have to connect your website and app again. 
  • CMS platform: This field reflects the CMS platform your website is built upon. This field cannot be changed.
  • Type of your website: Choose an option from the drop-down that best suits your website. Once you change your website type, you’ll have to connect your website and app again. You can choose from the options below:
  1. Ecommerce: For WordPress website owners using WooCommerce to run and manage their online store. 
  2. Ecommerce with blogs: For WooCommerce site owners with a blog section.
  3. Blogs with Ecommerce: For WordPress bloggers with an online store built with WooCommerce. 
  4. Blog: For WordPress websites with a simple blog section. 
  5. CMS pages: For WordPress websites without any products or posts sections.
  • App name: This field reflects the name of your mobile app. It cannot be updated once an app build is initiated.
  • Business email: Enter your official business email for effective correspondence with app users. Your app users will be able to contact you on this email.
  • Business Phone: Enter your official business phone number for effective correspondence with your app users. Your app users will be able to contact you on this phone number.
  • Link to your Terms and Conditions: Add and submit the link to the Terms and Conditions page of your website to show it to your app users.

Hit the SAVE button once you are happy with the changes you made.

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