A plugin on my website is not reflected in the app. Is there a way to sync it to the app?

While AppMySite supports a lot of plugins, there are a reasonable number of plugins that may not work. It depends on how a plugin is built. Plugins integrated with the official WordPress REST APIs are likely to work well with our app. However, if the plugin does not support the WordPress REST APIs, your plugin will struggle.

If a plugin on your website doesn’t reflect in the app, here’s what you can do:

Solution 1: Try using web views

You could simply turn on our web views for posts, products, pages, and custom post types from within the Settings module, which will render your mobile site within the app.

Read: Enable webviews on AppMySite

Solution 2: Contact your plugin developer

Reach out to the author of the plugin(s) in question and get them to add support for the official WordPress REST APIs. 

Solution 3: Ask the community

The AppMySite community is a great place for our customers to share their wishlist. Feature requests that gain enough traction will eventually make their way to our product roadmap. We encourage you to visit our Community forum and post your feature request there. 

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