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Can I subscribe to a Web to App plan if I have a WordPress website?

You can subscribe to the Web to App plan with a WordPress website. Once you subscribe to the Web to App plan, your mobile...

How to get support for your LMS plugin on AppMySite?

If you’re using an LMS plugin on your WordPress website, you can sync all your course categories and content to your app. Most LMS...

How to enable CORS for your website?

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) essentially allows a third-party domain to access your website’s resources. In order to build an app with AppMySite, you’re required...

Which CMS platforms does AppMySite support?

AppMySite provides support for all CMS platforms. You're simply required to enter your website URL while setting up your app. AppMySite automatically syncs all...

Can I change the domain associated with my mobile app?

You can change the domain associated with your mobile app on AppMySite. Follow the steps below to change your app domain: Navigate to Settings >...

Can apps built on AppMySite be published on app stores besides Google Play Store & Apple App Store?

AppMySite enables you to publish both Android and iOS apps to Google Play and Apple App Store. Within your AppMySite account, you can download...

Where and how I can use the AppMySite wallet credit?

Your AppMySite wallet is credited when you downgrade your existing subscription plan. You can use these credits for making any purchase on AppMySite. This...

Where can I show custom post types and taxonomies in my app?

AppMySite provides complete support for custom post types and taxonomies. If you’re using a theme or plugin that creates custom post types and taxonomies,...

Which shipping plugins does AppMySite support?

AppMySite supports any shipping plugins you’re using to configure and manage shipping on your WooCommerce store.  Any shipping methods that are active on your WooCommerce...

Where can I track the connectivity errors that occur in my app?

You can track your app’s connectivity errors in the Logs section of your AppMySite account. Any errors related to your app’s APIs are detailed...


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