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The Menu Settings screen will enable you to customize the menu you want to display on your app. This will be displayed as side menu on your mobile app. You can either create your own menu on AppMySite or import a menu from your website. 

Create your own menu on AppMySite

Navigate to Settings > Menu and turn on the toggle next Auto populate my app menu

  • Categories: Select to display all categories from the website on the app menu
  • Pages: Select the website pages you want to display on the app menu. Follow the steps below to select the pages you wish to show in the app menu:
  1. Click on Select Page to curate your app menu with the pages on your website.
  2. Enable the toggle of the page that you’d like to display on your mobile app.
  3. You can also enable the Show all toggle on the top-right corner in case you want to display all the pages from your website.
  • Blogs: Select this option to auto-populate all blog posts from your website to the app menu

Pick a menu from your website

This option allows you to directly import all menus from your WordPress website. Follow the steps below to pick a menu from your website:

  • Turn on the toggle next to Pick a menu from my website
  • You will see a list of menus from your website. Pick the menu you wish to show in your app.
  • The menu will be rendered on the side menu of your app. You can change the order of the items by updating it on your website. The changes will be synced automatically. 

Hide your app menu

In case you do not wish to show a side menu in your app, simply disable both the toggles on the Menu screen. This will remove the side menu from your app completely. 

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