Why did Apple reject my app?

There are many reasons Apple might reject your mobile app. 

  • Your app may contain bugs or may have issues which cause frequent crashes. You can overcome this problem by updating your app to the most recent code version. Visit our Help Centre article to learn how to resubmit your app to Google Play and App Store
  • Your app may lack enough unique functionality. This generally happens on our platform when apps contain too many webview screens. Reducing the number of webview screens to ensure your app offers much more than a simple rendering of your mobile site can help. Display a native interface of your app as much as possible. You can additionally add more content to your app in terms of blogs, products, and services. 

If the speed of your app is not optimum, Apple may outrightly reject your app. Since the speed of your app is completely dependent on your website, it is important that your website performs well. We recommend running a troubleshoot connectivity test and visiting our performance module to improve your website performance.

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