The security of the app you build on AppMySite is directly related to the security standards of your website. For a complete web security solution, we recommend Cloudflare. 


Cloudflare is a global network designed to make your website fast, secure, and private. You sign up for a Cloudflare account from the Performance section or connect to an existing account. 

  • Setup your domain security in minutes and join Cloudflare’s global network without changing your web host. Enhance your website security by configuring your DNS to point to Cloudflare. 
  • Get immediate access to performance and security services such as CDNs, unmetered DDoS mitigation, SSL certificates, image optimization, API security, and more. 
  • Reach 99% of the world’s internet users with minimal latency. 
  • Every component in Cloudflare’s network is built from a security standpoint. The platform uses machine learning to learn from every login & response and consequently ensure a more secure network. 

Join a global platform that already protects 25 million online properties. Sign up for Cloudflare. 

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