How can I create a developer account on Apple myself?

Create a developer account on Apple App Store and publish apps yourself. Follow the steps listed below to enroll for the Apple Developer Program.

Step 0: Create an Apple ID

Navigate to the Apple Developer website.

Create an Apple ID if you do not already have one by entering basic details.

Step 1: Activate two-factor authentication

Once an Apple ID has been created, enable two-factor authentication. This is a necessary requirement for all Apple IDs.

Set up two-factor authentication with an iPhone, iPad, or a computer

Step 2: Sign in to your account

Click on the Account button on the main header of the home page. Enter your Apple ID and account password to sign in to the account.

Step 3: Apple developer program

You will arrive at the Apple Developer Agreement after signing in. Next, read through the Apple Developer Agreement and click on the checkbox below the agreement. Submit and proceed to the Account page. Here, locate the section called Join the Apple Developer Program and click on it. This action will redirect to Apple’s programs page. Click on enroll and register either as an Individual or as an Organization in the Apple Developer Program. Next, confirm your Apple ID information and enter other details. Proceed to sign up for the license agreement and pay the registration fees to finish the process. You can also go through our support article and learn to create an Apple Developer Account.

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