Step 2: Set up App Privacy

This is the section where you must set up the privacy policy used by your app.

Privacy Policy

Apple now requires apps to get customer permission to track user data across applications owned by different companies. You can define how you use customer data on your app within your Apple developer account.

  • Click on the Edit button. You will see a pop-up window where you can enter the URL of the privacy policy of your website. 
  • Click on the Get Started button. After clicking Get Started, you’ll be asked to provide some information about your app’s data collection practices. This information will appear on your app’s product page, where users can see what data your app collects and how it’s used.
  • Data Collection: If your app uses the sign up/sign in option, it is mandatory that you select “Yes, we collect data from this app”. Click Next. 
  • Select the contact information that your app collects. If you only collect email address, then select that and proceed by clicking on the save button. If your app collects other data, you can disclose this information here. 
  • Click on Set up Email Addresses.
  • A pop up screen will appear. Select App functionality and click Next.
  • Select Yes, email addresses collected from this app are linked to the user’s identity and click Next. 
  • Select No, we do not use email addresses for tracking purposes and click Publish.

This guide has been prepared keeping in mind that normally apps built on our platform, only collect data for improving app functionality. If your app is collecting data for other purposes, please disclose it while setting up the privacy policies. 

For example: if you are collecting more than the email address of your app user, disclose it while selecting options in “Data Collection” Form. Furthermore, if your app is going to use the data collected for more purposes than simply improving the App Functionality, you must disclose it in the “Email Addresses” Form while setting up the privacy policies in your developer account.

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