How can I create a developer account on Google myself?

Follow the steps listed below and create your Google Play Developer Account.

Step 0: Create your Google account and sign in

If you don’t have a Google account, start by making one. You can set up a developer account on Play Store with your Gmail address.

Step 1: Accept developer account agreement

Login to Google Play Console and click on the Accept developer agreement checkbox. Click on the CONTINUE TO PAYMENT. Pay the one-time registration fee $25 USD. Enter the payment details and click on BUY to proceed.

Step 3: Add details to your Developer profile

Add the required details to the profile. This includes your email address, website URL (optional), phone number, etc.

Step 4: Setting up Merchant Account (only for paid apps and in-app purchases)

You will be required to set up a Merchant Account if your app is paid, includes in-app purchases, or both. That’s it. You can also go through our support article and learn the detailed process for creating a Google Play Store Account.

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