Test iOS app on a real device with TestFlight

You can preview your iOS app on a real device using iOS TestFlight. To test your iOS app with the TestFlight feature, it is mandatory to sign up for a developer program with Apple. Visit our article below to learn more on creating a developer account on Apple: 

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Once you have an active developer account on Apple, upload the iOS build of your app with the guide below: 

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As soon as your app has been uploaded to your developer account, it will be available in the TestFlight module.

Here are the steps you can follow to test the app with TestFlight: 

Add a new user to your Apple developer account

Follow the steps below to add a new user to your account on the App Store Connect:

  • Login to your account on App Store Connect and select the app you wish to test. 
  • Click on Users and Access in the top header menu. 
  • Click on the + icon.
  • In the popup window, enter the name and email address of the user you wish to invite. Select the Admin role and click Invite. 

Invite user to test app on TestFlight

An automated email will be sent to the user you’re inviting. Once the invitation is accepted, you can invite the user to test the app on TestFlight. Follow the steps below to learn how to invite a user to test an app on TestFlight:

  • Navigate to the Apps screen and again select the app you wish to test. 
  • Click on the TestFlight tab. 
  • Navigate to App Store Connect Users in the left menu on click on the + icon next to internal testers. 
  • Select the user you invited earlier to your developer account. 
  • An invitation to test the app in TestFlight will be sent to the user. 

Install TestFlight and test the app

The invited user will receive an email to test the app on TestFlight. TestFlight is essentially an app available on the App Store that you can install on your iOS device. It enables you to test different iOS apps. 

The following steps explain how an invited user can start using TestFlight to test the iOS app. 

  • The added user will receive an invitation via email. 
  • In the email, the user can click on the View in TestFlight button. 
  • Next, the user will be directed to a new page with instructions to test the app on TestFlight. The user can also copy the unique code mentioned here. 
  • The user will next need to download the TestFlight app on their iOS device. When the user installs the app and launches it, they need to click on Redeem and paste the unique code copied earlier. 
  • Next, the user can install the app they wish to test and see how it works on a real iOS device. 

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