This section enables you to configure user settings on your mobile app. 

Navigate to Settings > Users in your AppMySite account. The following points show how to configure the available settings:

  • Enable user login: This option will enable users to log-in to the mobile app. If this option is disabled, the app will switch to Catalog Mode. Purchasing will be restricted and the Add to Cart button will also be disabled.
  • Enable guest browsing: Allow users to access your mobile app without a registered account. Guest users will be allowed to checkout without logging in or signing up on the app.
  • Prompt user login on app launch: This will prompt a login screen every time your app is launched on a mobile device. Enabling this option will ensure that users are prompted to log-in, register, or browse as guests when they launch the app. If disabled, users will be presented with the dashboard instead. They will not be prompted to log-in or register until checkout.
  • Enable Google login & registration: Turn the toggle on to allow users to log-in and sign-up with their Google accounts.
  • Enable Apple login & registration: Turn the toggle on to allow users to log-in and sign-up with their Apple accounts. This is limited to the iOS app only and is mandatory if either Google or Facebook log-in is enabled.
  • Enable Facebook login & registration: Support for Facebook login and signup is currently in development.

If you wish to enable Google and Apple login, you will need to configure your app builds to support social login. Visit the following articles on how to configure your app builds for social login:

Click on the SAVE button after making changes to your user settings.

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