AppMySite enables you to track crucial app data on the Analytics screen of your AppMySite account. 

On the Analytics screen, you can monitor the following data:

  • App traffic: You can view the number of visitors arriving on your mobile app. There is an option to view traffic over a period of time. Additionally, you can also view app traffic by device type, i.e. Android and iOS. 
  • Most viewed product categories: Check which of your product categories get the most views. 
  • Most viewed products: Check which of your app’s product screens get the most views. 
  • Most listed products: See which products are shown most often in your app. This includes instances where your products in the related product sections, and more. 
  • Most searched product keywords: Track which product keywords are searched most often in your app. 
  • Most products added to cart: Know which products customers add to their cart most often. 
  • Most purchased products: See which products are sold most often in your app. 
  • Most viewed post categories: Monitor which blog categories are viewed the most by your app users. 
  • Most viewed posts: Track which of your posts get the most views and perform well with your users. 
  • Most viewed pages: See which of your app’s page screens get the most traction. 
  • Most searched post keywords: Know which post keywords are searched most often by your users in the app. 
  • Most viewed custom post types: Know which custom post type screens are viewed most often in the app. If you’re using a third-party plugin to create custom content, you can track their popularity via the Analytics module. Keep in mind that you need to establish connectivity via application passwords to sync custom post types with your mobile app.

The Analytics screen will start being populated with data as soon as you create your app build. This feature is available for apps with code version 1.13.0 and above. 

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