Can I transfer my iOS app from one developer account to another?

You can transfer your app to another developer account without removing it from the App Store. 

The following steps explain how you can transfer your iOS app to another developer account:

  • Your app must meet the required transfer criteria. Visit Apple to learn more about the transfer criteria your app must meet. 
  • Login to your App Store Connect account. A list of all the apps in your developer account will appear. Select the app you wish to transfer. 
  • Go to App Information. Scroll down and under Additional Information, click on the Transfer app button
Transfer app
  • Enter the recipient account’s team agent Apple ID and Team ID. Select Continue.
  • A list of terms & conditions will appear. Go through them and hit the checkbox at the end. 
  • Click on Request Transfer to initiate the app transfer. 
  • Again login to your App Store account as the team agent of the recipient developer account. 
  • A note will appear saying that an app transfer is ready to be accepted. 
  • Go to Agreements, Taxes, and Banking. 
  • Click on Review under App Transfers. Next, enter the updated metadata of your iOS app. 
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and click on Accept
  • Your app transfer will be complete within two business days provided that your app meets the transfer criteria mentioned earlier.

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