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Now get more control with the updated dashboard

AppMySite has launched a redesigned and updated dashboard that now offers more information and control to customers.

You can now manage the apps more efficiently and get access to all the information related to your app build.

In fact, all the information that you need about your AppMySite account can be found here, so that you do not miss anything significant.

You get access to the following things:


The following details related to your app & subscription plan appear at the top of the page:

  • App icon & name
  • Website address
  • Code version of the apps (Android & iOS)
  • Plan name & payment status
  • Plan renewal date
  • Change Plan’ URL

Go Live Checklist

The next segment is the “Go Live Checklist”. It includes the following three sections, that enable you to control the process of app building:

  1. App Appearance: To customize app design, layout and appearance including app icon, launch screen, login & sign up screen, and more.
  2. Site Connectivity: To connect your website with the fully built app on AppMySite and enable auto-import of website data on the app.
  3. Download App: To download the completed app build and test it. You can proceed to publish the apps on your preferred platforms (Google Play Store & Apple App Store) hereafter.

Ensure that you cover all the steps listed here to complete your app building process successfully.

This is the final section on the dashboard where you get access to a list of all our featured add-on solutions.

These add-on products can supercharge your subscription by adding more functionalities and benefits.

An “active’ status, along with the subscription details, is displayed on the tile for the add-ons that you purchase or get with your subscription plan.

Explore our detailed blog and visit our release notes to know more about this update. Also check out our support article and get help to design your mobile app effortlessly.

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