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Tourism Apps – Give your business a new height

With 50% of the time spent on smartphones, mobile apps dominating the world of desktops.

Indeed, the mobile market is growing, and it’s becoming more of a challenge to remain in this competitive industry.

Amongst many businesses, why tourism business should feel left out? What should be your strategy to build a tourism app?

Speaking of today’s technology, you should be aware of the tools used to create an app that adapts your business to mobile and meets the expectations of today’s consumers.

That being said, an app maker online can help you build a mobile app for your tourism business.

For today’s post, we help you better understand the issue of building an app by focusing on specific segments of the tourism sector. Also, if you can make an app in many different ways, it would simply mean that you will be getting the most out of all the opportunities.

Here are the five segments of the tourism sector:

Travel agencies

You must have seen travel agencies’ store fronts in the streets. However, today, the process of booking flights, hotels, and hiring a cab, has considerably evolved with the internet.

Traditional e-commerce is a thing of the past, and m-commerce is becoming a new norm. Now, customers do not need to visit travel agencies and ask about their best deals.

Travel agencies are coming up with a mobile app, that is a wonderful asset. Presence on mobile gives these agencies a bundle of opportunities to engage consumers at the right time and the right place.

Also, travel agencies can share relevant information, travel trends, seasons, deliver special offers, and services on an app. A mobile app works as a perfect tool that helps these agencies to keep in touch with their customers.

Building an app with a mobile app builder like AppMySite offers a feature of push notifications. With these notifications, travel agents do not need to wait for consumers to check their inbox. They can offer best deals, discounts, and seasonal discounts to their customers through push notifications.

To draw the attention of potential customers to the app, travel agents are now improving the life cycle of their app by including smart notifications, travel expertise or guides for a city, a region. That way, clients turn to the app, not only to plan their trip but also to enjoy it.


How can one go for trip planning without any conveyance?

Transportation plays an essential role in trip planning whether by a bus, train, car, or aircraft. By seeing this, enterprises offering transportation services considerably think that having an app is becoming a necessity.

For instance, a railway company is bound to improve its users’ experience who are commuting in train. Hence, railway companies should invest in introducing a mobile app to address different groups of customers, to target discounts, deals with age range, and more.

Also, with a feature of push notifications, they can alert their users for delays, incidents and on-board services such as the restaurant car menu or a news kiosk. It is for this reason that businesses go for restaurant app development with DIY no code tools.

A mobile app is a beautiful companion for people who go for longer journeys. Therefore, cruise companies should invest a little in the development of mobile apps. With an event calendar, information on activities, restaurants’ menus, booking services for the spa area, and more, you can add as many features as your customers want on their trip.

With efficient push notifications and geo-location alerts, you can support your communication efforts with a mobile app.

Destination apps

Cities, regions, or even countries can take advantage of building apps. These apps help them to show what makes their destination so special to their customers. From showcasing beautiful scenery to unique traditions or cultural distinctiveness, they can add everything to the app.

Business dimensions are not just enough. You need to add value that will help you differentiate your app amongst the crowd.

The key is adding multifunctionality, with tips, visitor information, directions, insightful and categorized content, and more to inspire customers to book their visitation with you. Moreover, you can add a calendar section, themed getaways to create a sense of community around the app.

Creating an app helps you build a perfect balance between usability and inspiration.

Local activities

On a long weekend, people are always in a quest to do some local activities. In the same line, if there is an app featuring the best hotels, restaurants, pubs, and more in a given area, it comes handy for the vast majority of users.

The app presenting local flavours works great for tourists searching for accommodation and entertainment recommendations as well as for locals looking for new places to discover in town.

In that sense, it’s a sensible business model to build an app using the WordPress mobile app builder and stand out from the crowd.

This kind of app can work as a directory of the local city, town, and can be easily monetized. If local shops, restaurants, bars, service providers, or any other business want to have more visibility, they can build their apps.

An app built with AppMySite offers you flexible solutions and also helps you increase the number of customers significantly.


When a festival, a concert, or an event is approaching, people seek booking tickets, whether visiting the websites or the concerned venues. However, if you build an app including an itinerary of every approaching festival, concert or event, users can collect their memories and reach their favourite event (s) quickly.

Building an app is an ideal way to deliver information. Moreover, an event app can give an extra dimension to your event business. With the addition of documented guide about its location, you are simply increasing its lifetime value and also adding value to the customers.

What will be the best way to give your event, festival, or concert a beautiful edge with an app? A mobile app publicly says about your events and festivals and helps you draw attention of people. Also, with social media integration, users can submit content in terms of pictures, videos to the social media pages of the app.

The ending notes

Lastly, you may get inspired by these few examples to build an app using WordPress mobile app builder that will meet your potential customers’ expectations.

If you still need a little help to define your app concept, get in touch with an app maker online, like AppMySite today.

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