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Unique app based startup ideas to unleash the artistic entrepreneur in you

The world is now online and starting and scaling a business to greater heights has become easier than ever.

Most brick and mortar stores have also gone online now, and entrepreneurs are realizing and living their dream.

We are surrounded with endless websites and apps for almost every individual or commercial need.

This includes eCommerce apps, on-demand services, product delivery apps, and more.

However, the internet has so much to offer for all.

So, if you are an artist and you have landed here looking for business ideas, then stay tuned till the end and discover some unique and interesting start-up ideas.

Channelize the entrepreneur in you and make a strong start. Let us go through the options one by one:

#1: Customized gifts and décor items

It is no longer the age of mass-produced commodities.

The demand for hand-crafted and customized products is huge, and this is especially true for the gifting and event industry.

If fine art is your forte, then you can start an online store and sell customized gifts and home décor items.

This can include gifts for various occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, farewell, and more.

You can also sell home and office décor items like lamps, wall-hangers, customized mugs and clocks, stationery, and so on.

As per Statista, global online art sales increased significantly in 2020 over the previous year, rising from 4.8 billion U.S. dollars to nearly 7.9 billion U.S. dollars.

This trend will continue to grow in the coming years as well. Therefore, you can be sure of many favorable opportunities in this industry.

Accordingly, you can also open an online handicraft and painting store, or pottery store.

Else, you can also start tutoring others and propagating knowledge about your art, thereby establishing yourself as a blogger and influencer.

#2: Creative content writing services

Love spilling ink and creating literary masterpieces?

You can tap into multiple opportunities available online and use your talent to earn.

For instance, you can create a website and app, and offer writing services.

We are not just talking about blogging.

As digitalization is proliferating, people are missing that creative touch that only humans and their uniquely creative brains can impart.

The demand for creative and engaging content writers will grow further in the coming years as content-creation will strengthen further as an industry.

You can write movie and book reviews, create resumes and cover letters, write creative invites and speeches, scripts for videos, and what not!

Else, you can also create a reading app and post your work regularly. You can also invite other authors and create a huge literary platform for the voracious readers.

#3: Custom clothing and accessories

Who doesn’t miss the gratifying feeling of owning a handkerchief embroidered with the initials of one’s name? (Usually, the courtesy of our loving grand mums or mothers).

The trend of customized clothing and accessories has reached to new heights in recent years. In fact, it has become more popular and preferred over luxurious brands and labels.

The saying “this should be on a t-shirt” has not become popular for no reason. People are using their outfits to make statements, convey messages and create strong impressions.

Therefore, if you love to give basic clothing a Midas touch, then you can you can build a custom clothing store app.

Else, you can also sell personalized and on-demand accessories like jewelry with inscriptions, phone cases, pillow covers etc. and build your own jewelry app without coding.

#4: Culinary and food blogging

If you are the favorite party host and the first choice of friends and family when it comes to managing the menu and creating an exquisite dining experience for the guests, then this could be your calling!

You can start a food blog and share your culinary expertise with your audience. The trick is to offer something new.

Think out of the box and give a new spin to your food blogging and recipe app.

For instance, you can pair travel and food blogging, share cultural references and history with recipes, and more.

#5: Horticulture, gardening, and plant store

Let us admit! Most of us are tired with the endless concrete structures and crave for greenery and fresh air and travel long distances for it.

This has led to a spiked interest of people in gardening, plantation, and horticulture.

If you are a botanical expert or just a gardening aficionado, then you can help people bring this feeling to their homes by sharing ideas, tips, tricks, and more, for creating greener and cleaner spaces.

Else, you can also sell plants and gardening equipment online.

Help people take better care of their plant babies and make a business out of it. After all, what’s better than turning your hobby into profession?

Wondering how to turn the idea into reality? Here’s how!

Hey artists!

Wondering how to go ahead with an idea that has clicked?

Let us help you with it.

Start with extensive planning and preliminary preparations. Make a list of your goals and requirements and start working towards fulfilling them.

Begin with building a website. You can go with WordPress as it the most affordable, easily customizable, and user-friendly CMS platform.

This will help you in gaining the SEO leverage and attracting the initial exposure on the web.

Next, you can proceed to the most important step – building the app.

Do not worry! It is not as expensive and complicated as it was a few years ago. You can take the DIY route and ditch the traditional methods of custom app development.

You can turn your WooCommerce website into a mobile app with AppMySite’s free app builder software and save money, efforts, time and more.

Here, you can create your own Android and iOS apps that are native, feature rich, easy to maintain and super user-friendly.

After all, apps are the future of all businesses.

Next, you can leverage social media to the fullest and run free or paid promotions, campaigns, and more, to tell people about your launch and attract potential customers.

Wrapping up!

That was all entrepreneurs!

Now channelize the artist in you and give your endeavors a commercial spin. Utilize your talent to earn money and set up a full-fledged successful business.

We post regularly on a variety of topics that can help eCommerce businesses, developers and online brands and startups.

This includes website development, app development, digital marketing, and a lot more. In fact, the list is endless, and you can explore it for yourself.

So, go ahead and make the most of AppMySite. Create an app, ramp up your website, and give your business an unprecedented boost.

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