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Unique social media app development ideas

Six Degrees is widely considered to be the first social media platform in the world. It arrived in the late 1900s, followed by other sites like Hot or Not, Friendster, Myspace, and others. However, it was Facebook that truly democratized the social media space and made it global.

This was followed by a flood of ideas and platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and others. Today, there are tons of social media sites and apps that are enabling people to connect with each other and experience the power of digital networking.

However, this does not mean that the market is saturated. The number of smartphone users and apps is constantly increasing. There is always room for new and unique ideas. If you are planning to launch a social media app of your own, then this is the piece for you.

Continue reading and discover some unique social media app ideas. Launch a social networking app of your own and grow your business and clientele. Stay tuned till the end and get answers to all your queries related to the relevance and process of social media app development.

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Social media and networking industry: Facts and statistics

Why invest in a social media app? What are the advantages of creating a social networking app?

If these are the questions you would like to begin with, then the answer lies in the facts and statistics related to the industry. Most of the numbers related to the social media industry show growth and progress, thereby indicating that it is a profitable business venture.

Not only are social media apps trending and the demand of the hour, but such apps also have immense growth potential. Go through the facts listed below to get an overview and understand how large and versatile the industry is:

  • The global social network penetration rate is nearly 54 percent. Western Europe has a 79 percent social media penetration rate, topping the ranking of global social media usage by region.
  • Currently, there are around 4.89 billion social media users across the globe. This is a 79.1 percent increase in half a decade.
  • On average, internet users spend 144 minutes per day on social media and messaging apps.
  • As of March 2021, people aged 40 to 44 years spent the most time on social media applications, amounting to around 60 minutes per day.
  • People aged 19 years and less spend an average of 49.12 minutes on social media apps every day.
  • As of the first quarter of 2022, Facebook had almost three billion monthly active users.
  • In December 2021, Instagram reached approximately two billion monthly active users.
  • TikTok is most popular among women aged 18 to 24 years who make up almost a quarter of all users.
  • GenZ spends more time on TikTok than on Instagram. In 2021, 63 percent of Gen Z users in the US used TikTok weekly while only 57 percent used Instagram.
  • 93 percent of marketers considered Facebook as the best marketing platform.
Global social media users


Have the numbers wowed you? Well, this isn’t surprising. The social media industry is roaring and growing by the minute. From communication to publicity, marketing to sales, it is full of infinite possibilities.

The numbers above indicate that launching a social media app can have several advantages and it can be a profitable investment. Stay tuned and discover some exemplary ideas that you can get inspiration from before becoming a part of the industry worth billions of dollars.

7 unique social media app ideas

“There is nothing new under the Sun”. This philosophical maxim perfectly encapsulates the fact that there is a high chance that most of the exciting and new ideas that we can think of have already been conceived. This can be true for business ideas as well.

However, the uniqueness of a venture depends upon its conception as well as execution. Just because someone has done something similar, does not mean that you cannot make it better.

So, here are some ideas for creating a social media app that you can take inspiration from. Leverage the list to find your calling and get product ideas for your business. Add your own creative spin and launch a business that gives your competitors a run for their money.

Corporate networking app

LinkedIn is just an example of what can be achieved with a great social networking app for professionals. You can create a similar app for like-minded professionals, employees, c-suites, startup founders, venture capitalists, corporate firms, etc., that enables such individuals and entities to interact with each other.

Match people based on various parameters and allow them to join forums, groups, discussions, and pages that can power their professional endeavors. Find one specific niche and stick to it. While your audience spectrum may be limited, you will be able to create a community of dedicated and professional followers.

Community specific dating app

Tinder is old news. It is facing stiff competition from other apps that have something refreshing and new to offer. For instance, there are dedicated dating apps for the elderly, people of different sexual orientations, students, casual hookups, serious relationships, and whatnot. However, most of them are doing well and indicate that there is room for more.

If you have a unique dating app idea that addresses a specific niche and allows people to find love and companionship, then that can be your unique calling. Create a dating app that allows people to find companions belonging to certain communities that can be based on faith, profession, belief systems, interests, etc.

Video sharing app for artists

Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, etc., are some of the most popular social media apps. While Snapchat allows people to communicate with images, Instagram is amazing for flaunting all your aesthetic possessions. Apps like TikTok and Dubsmash allowed everyone to showcase their fun and artistic side.

However, you can take this experience a step above and create an app specifically for artists and performers. This can help people cut through the noise and clutter and connect with others who are serious about the art. For example, you can create apps for dancers, singers, magicians, etc., where they can showcase their own work, collaborate with other artists, and train newcomers.

Social app for communities

An app like Facebook allows people to create communities and pages. However, there is no hard and fast way to prevent infiltration and dilution of the specific mission or goal of the community. This is because Facebook is an open platform. If you have used such a platform, then you know that a lot goes on at the same time and this often affects the attention span of the members.

A social media app for a dedicated community can be the perfect answer to this dilemma. For instance, you can launch a dedicated app for members of a residential association or a housing society, an app for people of a specific religion or faith, an app for pet owners, and so on. You will have a homogenous audience and clientele and managing them will be a lot easier.

Networking app for philanthropists

From CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to philanthropy, Non-profit organizations to volunteer groups, web technologies and apps are being used everywhere. Apps serve several purposes in this realm that include activities like collecting donations and funds, enrolling volunteers, organizing welfare events, managing beneficiaries, and so on.

You can launch a unique app that addresses specific needs of such groups and help the activists, fundamentalists, philanthropists, etc., to interact with their stakeholders. Help such individuals and organizations in achieving their goal faster and do your bit for society. You can also do your research to find out what is missing and fill the chasm to power such activities on a larger scale.

Networking app for scholars

Conventional social media apps can be distractions for students and learners. However, an app that specifically helps educationists and students to interact with other brilliant minds can be a genius idea. You can launch a dedicated app for a specific stream of study, for a specific university, etc. The choice is yours.

The app can be a perfect combination of an online learning and a social media platform. Add features like “Get suggestions, Find educational resources, Discuss with peers, Test your knowledge, Collaborate with scholars”, etc. Enable learners to make the best of both worlds as they learn and grow without disconnecting from the social realm.

Consumer feedback network

We are always on the lookout for a sense of community and often rely on others for framing our own opinions and beliefs. For instance, most of us scroll down to the review and feedback section of a service or product before buying it just to see what others have to say about it. Clearly, we can influence each other’s opinions and also help other consumers in their purchase journey.

Now imagine an app that does the same. For instance, Yelp has been the go-to platform for people who want to express their opinion about a business or a service. You can also create a consumer feedback network along the same lines. Enable people to share their experience and shopping wisdom with others and become star reviewers and shopping guides.


These were some of the trending yet outstanding ideas for creating a social media app. Either go with one of the ideas listed above or take inspiration from the list to conceive a solution of your own. The choice is yours.

If you are an individual planning to launch your business or make an addition to your enterprise with a social media app, then AppMySite’s free app creator is the best solution for you. Here, you can create premium and feature-rich Android and iOS apps within minutes. The solution is completely code-free and eliminates all the need for guesswork and laborious efforts.

Moreover, AppMySite is a SaaS platform that also offers app development solutions for agencies. You can also create apps for your clients in a fast, secure, and easy environment. For any queries regarding app development, you can drop a line below and we will get back to you in no time.

Frequently asked questions

What is the next big social network idea?

From AI (Artificial Intelligence) to VR (Virtual Reality) a lot is going on in the technical world. The web and mobile app industry is more volatile than ever. Therefore, one cannot really predict where the social media industry is headed, and which idea will take the world by storm. However, an idea that cuts through the clutter of contemporary apps and helps people do more than just connect with each other will likely outshine others. You can go through the ideas listed in the blog above and get inspiration for the next big thing in the social media realm.

Is social media app development profitable?

The preliminary answer is yes. While the profits of a business depend on several factors that may or not be within one’s control, potentially social media is a profitable app idea. Virtual communication and networking are the demand of the hour and social media is one of the highest-grossing categories when it comes to the app industry. You can develop a social media app of your own, reach a global clientele, and grow your business.

How to launch a social media app of my own?

Start with extensive research and planning. Study the market, competitors, audiences, etc., and get an overview of the industry. Identify the demands and start discussing your unique idea with the stakeholders before proceeding to development. You can create a prototype of your app and start getting feedback on the core app idea, design, features, functionalities, etc. Once the preliminary design and layout are final, you can proceed to the production process. Either go with the custom methods of coding an app or hiring a developer or build your own app with a no-code app builder.

Which is the best solution for social media app development?

If you are ok with the traditional methods of app development, then hiring developers or an app development agency can be an option. However, it is the age of automation and technology and the best way to create a social media app is to go with a no-code app builder like AppMySite. The platform lets you create enterprise apps on a budget that is suitable for all. Everything from design to development and deployment can be managed under one roof. This fast-tracks the process of app building and reduces your time to market.

How can I create a social media app without coding?

Traditional methods of app development are costly and time-consuming. On the contrary, AppMySite’s no-code app creator lets you create an app without any prior technical experience. Here, you can design, personalize, and build your apps within minutes. It is completely DIY (Do It Yourself) and code-free and anyone can use it to launch premium and feature-rich Android and iOS apps. Build your app single-handedly or collaborate with your team and go from idea to app in no time.

How much time does it take to develop a social networking app?

Traditional methods of app development can take months. Time is a luxury in today’s fast-moving world, and it does not make sense to spend ages on app development. This often follows with chasing developers for implementation of feedback. However, if you want to expedite the process and reduce your time to market without hampering the quality of your app then go with no-code DIY app builders. A code-free app creator like AppMySite can help you create your app in no time and save endless efforts and resources.

How much does it cost to develop a social networking app?

The development cost of a social media app depends on several factors like the method, timeline, and location of app development, the scale of app design and feature complexities, and more. As most social media apps are quite detailed and intricate, the budget of development is often higher as compared to other run-of-the-mill applications. If you go with custom app development, it can cost around 100,000 to 300,000 US dollars. However, AppMySite’s app builder democratizes app development and makes it affordable for all. Check out the platform and choose a package that suits you best. 

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