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Your online clothing store is incomplete without an app

The growth of the online market and app market has reinvented the cloth and apparel business. Ever since the consumerization of technology began, this industry has been on a growth trajectory.

Statistics show that the number of online shoppers has been growing year after year and is still rising. However, this traffic is slowly migrating towards apps.

A website plays a significant role in introducing your business to potential customers. However, in order to facilitate a long-term bond and repeat sales, you must have an app.

Customers who love the products from certain brand, tend to look for its app. This ensures easy access for the customers and higher revenues for the business.

Besides, it has become easier to build apps with online app creators without coding. But you should have a thorough plan before doing that. So, stay tuned and let us prep you for it!

The fun fusion of fashion and app technology

The advent of apps has supercharged the cloth and apparel industry on many levels. It is such a powerful fusion, that this industry stands at the top in the list of popular eCommerce sectors.

It is a major project category in both eCommerce and mCommerce realms. There are a large number of fashion, clothing and apparel brands in the market and all are doing well.

This list pans across the globe and includes many large luxury brands, multinational companies, small retail outlets and even local fashion labels. Moreover, the interesting fact is that despite enough competition, most of them are doing well.

However, businesses that have complemented their online stores with apps, are a step ahead. It is so, because the app technology empowers businesses in many ways. This includes benefits like:

  • Increasing proximity and making the store portable
  • One-click access to the favourite brand and its wide range of products
  • No hassle of searching through the web traffic
  • High-quality features that make shopping fun, interactive and easy
  • Less customer migration and cart abandonment
  • Higher rate of interaction due to personalized appeal

Be a trend-setter and offer a holistic solution

You do not need to get intimidated by the fact that there are many competitors out there in the industry. Offer a complete solution to customers and they will definitely love your app.

Move ahead according to the strategy listed below:

#1- Find your niche market and targets

Carry out a market research and observe your competitors. Check out their apps and also study the customer reviews. See what they lack and try to incorporate that in your app.

Also find your niche market, brand objectives and targeted customers. This will lay the foundation of a good app building and marketing strategy and help you make the most of your resources.

#2- Build a premium native app

Do not settle for ‘any’ app. Clothing and fashion business is all about vogue and quality. Build a premium native and trendsetting app for your store. Hook their attention from the very start.

Keep the onboarding process simple and give multiple options to customers. Allow them to sign up using Email, Phone number, Google, and Facebook, or even use the app as a guest.

#3- Design stylish screens and layout

Design smart and stylish screens for your app. Make a brand-identical app icon and logo. Take your sweet time and perfect all the screens like sign up screen, log in screen, landing screen, etc.

Focus on making it visually appealing. Enhance the aesthetics and use the screenshots on the app stores to lure customers, and tempt them to download your app.

#4- Focus on categories and product listing

Add the products in a coherent manner and lace it with attractive images and description. Include a smart hierarchy of categories to make the product hunt simple for customers.

Also enable smart filtering and sorting of the products based on various specifications like brand, size, colour, etc.You can also sync the website with your app to import and retain all the data.

#5- Ensure dynamic cart and checkout

Make the end-to-end shopping experience easy and memorable for your consumers. The process of adding products should be simple and the card should be capable of holding endless products.

Allow customers to retrieve parked orders, save wish-lists, apply discounts, view invoices, etc. Make the checkout process simple and enable multiple payment options.

#6- Amp up marketing and communication

Communicate with your customers on a regular basis and keep them amped up. Integrate social media accounts and pages and interact with them through various platforms. Send updates about new offers, deals, discounts, sales, etc.

Send push notifications to remind them about parked orders and ending deals. Also ask for their reviews, ratings and feedback regularly, and address their genuine concerns.

#7- Set new milestones and achieve them

Set new performance, business and marketing goals for your app and make efforts to achieve them. Keep assessing the number of installs, downloads, abandonments etc.

Monitor the growth of your app’s performance and popularity regularly. Take every progress and downfall in good-spirit and use the knowledge to reinvent your strategies.

Launch and endorse the app with equal zeal

Besides having a thorough blueprint, and building a robust app, you must also have a strong launch strategy. You can follow the tricks listed below:

#1- Create a buzz before launch

Start running advertisements and promotions about your app even before its launch. Build a hype around it and cash it as much as you can.

You can also run promo-codes and invite advance registrations for early bird discounts. This will create a buzz around your brand and keep your customers amped up.

#2- Publish it on multiple platforms

Mobile users can always make a switch from Android to iOS and vice-versa. Therefore, you should ensure maximum coverage of traffic and not miss out on any opportunity.

Build apps for both, Android and iOS users and endorse it on multiple platforms. Do not leave any stone unturned and keep reviving your promotional campaigns.

#3- Aim for more downloads

Do not just sit back and relax once your app is made and published on the stores. In fact, the real game begins after the launch.

So, start adopting various methods like App Store Optimization, sending push notifications, social media marketing, etc. Aim for more downloads and achieve it with these tools.

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Build it with the best in the league!

Build clothing store app with AppMySite

If this article has tempted you and triggered your interest in the app industry, then waste no minute. Build a premium mobile app for you clothing store and open new avenues of growth.

You can sign up for the clothing store app builder by AppMySite and build your app without any hassle. It is affordable, code-free and the complete package for app building.

Many businesses, including clothing and apparel brands, have built apps with AppMySite and made their business global. It has also increased their profits, brand image and revenue.

Broaden your scope and branch out with a clothing store app and be just a click away from your customers. Hurry! Stay ahead of your competitors and take a lead. Get going now!


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