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Share your health & fitness wisdom and build a business out of it. Create your own app with AppMySite’s code-free fitness app creator and offer tips and services to users across the globe.


How to create a fitness app?

AppMySite is the best solution for developing health & fitness apps. Create apps for Android and iOS users in only a few easy steps as described here.

Connect app with website

Get started just by connecting your website and mobile app with a click. Set up your online fitness center in minutes and be mobile-ready.

Personalize app design

Manage how your fitness app looks and feels. Customize the screens, fonts, color scheme, etc., and match the design with your brand theme.

Preview and publish

Build and preview your fitness app for free. Download fully built Android & iOS apps and publish on Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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Build the perfect app for fitness seekers

Gym app, activity tracker, calorie counter, workout guide, or more. Turn any fitness app idea into a reality with AppMySite. Create feature-rich apps and grow your business.

Instant & easy development

Anyone can design & build premium apps with AppMySite like a professional. Be app-ready in minutes and unlock new opportunities.

Add fitness lessons effortlessly

Auto-populate all your website content to the app and save hours’ worth of effort. Add fitness blogs, video lessons, merchandize, & more.

Extend one-click chat support

Make your clients’ journey smooth and frictionless. Address their fitness queries and complaints with chat support and qualify more leads.

Schedule & send push notifications

Send push notifications to users and keep them engaged beyond their app sessions. Send daily health tips, announcements, goal reminders, etc.


Turn any idea into a fitness app

Create apps for physical fitness freaks or assist people looking for mental health solutions. Offer blogs on health & nutrition or stream your gym workout sessions. Whatever your unique health & fitness app idea is, you can shape it with AppMySite.

Take your gym or fitness center to your client’s fingertips and give them one touch access to workout lessons, subscription, diet schedule, and more. Develop the app without hiring coding experts or chasing an agency and add endless content.


Build with AppMySite’s fitness app creator

Whether a personal trainer, a gym owner or a nutritionist, no matter what your fitness website niche is, you can turn it into an equally powerful app with AppMySite. It is the best solution for creating fitness apps in a fast-track environment.

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Launch app for Android and iOS

AppMySite lets you create and test your apps for free. You can preview every little change on a live emulator and build pixel-perfect apps. Do not worry about the technical expertise as our app builder is fit for professionals as well as beginners.

Upgrade to pay and launch the apps for Android and iOS users and build a community of dedicated followers and clients. Inspire them to share the app in their circle, collect user ratings & reviews, and attract more downloads and traction.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to develop a fitness & workout app?faqplus

You can create your own fitness and workout app with your preferred technique. Some of the options that you can choose from are as follows:

  • Make your own fitness app with a DIY app builder like AppMySite. A code-free app builder should ideally take only a couple of days or even less.
  • Learn a programming language and develop with low-code app makers. This is not recommended if you are a beginner and do not want to go through the hassles of custom app development.
  • Hire an in-house team of developers or freelancers or outsource development to a professional agency. You will need a huge team of experts to take care of the development process and app maintenance for you. This can take several months.

Choose your preferred development method carefully as it will determine the entire course of your journey and influence the final results. Look for a quick and cost-effective solution so that you have ample time to invest in the marketing and promotion of your app.

What are the types of workout & fitness apps that I can create?faqplus

The online health and fitness industry is full of immense possibilities. You can create any kind of fitness app and cater to the desired clientele with ease. Some popular categories of fitness apps are as follows:

  • Gym & Workout App
  • Personal Trainer App
  • Health & Fitness Blogging App
  • Nutrition & Diet Planning App
  • Activity Tracking App
  • Yoga App
  • Self-care App
  • Mental Fitness App
  • Fitness Merchandize Shopping App

You can create an app in line with one of the categories listed above or execute your own unique fitness app idea. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it with AppMySite.

How much does it cost to develop a fitness app?faqplus

The cost of app development will depend on a range of factors viz., the development technique, personalized business goals, app features, targeted user-base, location, etc. Custom app development can cost you around 100,000 to 300,000 US dollars if you aim to target both Android and iOS. Delays in development projects can add more billable hours and further increase the budget. However, if you are looking for a more cost-effective and quick solution then create your app with AppMySite. Here, you can build and preview your apps for free and upgrade to a paid plan only when you are ready to commit. Select from a range of affordable pricing packages and go from concept to market with ease.

What key features should I include in my workout & fitness app?faqplus

The end user’s experience and the overall success of your app will rely heavily on the features of your app. From launching the app by clicking on the icon to achieving their daily fitness goals, your users should have a smooth experience throughout their journey.

In general, fitness apps can have the following features:

  • Easy user onboarding (login via Facebook, Gmail, Apple, etc.)
  • Client profile management
  • Client subscription management
  • Smooth navigation, UI & UX
  • Smart search and filter options
  • Video lessons and blog integration
  • Workout schedule & progress tracking
  • Merchandize shopping
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Customer rating, review & feedback collection
  • Loyalty program, referral, and coupon support
  • Push notification support
  • Usage data analytics
  • Multilingual support
  • In-app chat support

Add or take away from the list depending upon the customized requirements and goals of your business. For instance, if you want to run ads in your app, then you should also include monetization in the list. You can create an app on AppMySite and test it to understand how most of these features will appear and work on your app.

Why choose AppMySite to create a workout & fitness app?faqplus

AppMySite is the best DIY app builder if you want to create an app without going through the intensive processes of custom app development. If you already have a fitness website, you can easily turn it into an equally powerful app within minutes. You can manage everything from development to deployment on your own and launch zero-maintenance Android and iOS apps without any coding. Build for free and upgrade to a paid plan when you are ready to go live on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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