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4 reasons to create a mobile app for your WooCommerce website

Over the last decade or so, e-commerce websites have disrupted traditional business models and significantly influenced customer browsing and shopping habits. However, the age of websites is beginning to wane and is giving way to m-commerce, or shopping on mobile phones. This trend has gained momentum because converting a WooCommerce website to a mobile app has several advantages. Let’s discuss a few of them:

1. Speed and convenience

No matter how responsive your website is, a mobile app provides a faster browsing experience. In the case of websites, a potential customer will have to launch a web browser, type in your website, wait for it to load, and then start interacting with it. Mobile apps, however, launch with a single tap and are able to instantly engage customers. This is because mobile apps store their data and information locally, and can, therefore, load up to several times faster than their website counterparts. Furthermore, most native apps can offer basic content and functionality in an offline mode as well. This means that your customers can continue to browse through your online store, even if they have poor or no internet connection.

2. Increased customer engagement

Interacting and engaging with mobile apps is much easier as compared to a website. Since apps have several dynamic features that allow easy sharing, one-click checkout, or one-touch payments, customers receive a much better experience. Additionally, mobile apps allow a high degree of personalisation. By collecting information on user choices, location, culture, and interests, apps can tailor content and suggestions. That’s not all! Since mobile apps have access to several hardware features of the device, they can use the camera, GPS, accelerometer to help provide seamless service to their users. For instance, customers can look up a product on your online store by clicking an image and uploading in or use the fingerprint scanner to authenticate payments and orders. 

3. Direct and instant updates

One of the most distinguishing features of a native WooCommerce mobile app is the ability to send push notifications to the user’s device. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and engagement levels, even if a customer doesn’t open the app. You can send across information on sales, offers, promotions, and events using push notifications. Since push notifications are a direct and instant channel of communication with your customers, they can make a measurable difference your marketing and promotional strategies and help you boost sales. Regular in-app notifications can also be used to guide users and educate them on deals and offers.

4. Lower customer acquisition costs

Since the e-commerce industry is dominated by a few giants, promoting an online store using traditional marketing strategies is likely to cost a lot. However, compared to other platforms acquiring a customer using mobile apps is cheaper and more effective. More so, if you convert your WooCommerce website to mobile app, after a while, your marketing and advertising budget will reduce, as you will be able to communicate with directly with no barriers. Furthermore, you can use this community of loyal customers to expand your digital and social media identity, and further, acquire new customers at a relatively lower cost. 

In conclusion

In the case of WordPress users that have ecommerce stores, there are several benefits to converting a WooCommerce to a mobile app. AppMySite is a mobile app builder that can help you create a native mobile app from your WooCommerce website with a few simple clicks. Simply sign up on AppMySite and start building a mobile app for your business.

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