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5 reasons why reselling is the new normal for app development agencies

If you have an app development business or are planning to start one, then you have landed at the right place.

There are millions of websites in the world. But the gap between the number of apps and the number of websites is quite huge.

Despite a massive demand of mobile apps all around the globe, the rate of supply is incredibly slow, or at least not up to the mark.

The reasons appear to be pretty obvious. Mobile app development agencies are failing to meet the growing demands of customers who have become smarter and more adept over the years.

We explored the trends a bit and found out that reselling might be the next big thing for such agencies due to a number of factors.

Explore the factors with us one by one and discover the advantages of becoming a reseller in 2022 and beyond!

1. Mobile apps will become more important (than most things)

Statistics show that the global spending on apps has been consistently increasing since many years and is predicted to touch new heights in 2022.

As per TechCrunch mobile app downloads will surpass 285 billion by the next year.

All these trends and numbers indicate that mobile apps are set to become more important for us in the coming years.

Clearly, businesses will want to align their strategies with this trend and brands will go mobile on a large scale.

The demands of mobile apps will grow immensely and in order to cope with the high and intensive demands, agencies will have to upgrade themselves and opt for more faster methods and techniques.

Reselling will emerge as a great option for such agencies. In fact, reselling can emerge as an industry itself. More brands will take this route to sell infinite apps and expand their business.

2. Reselling is becoming easier & better than developing

The world is moving towards the “more digital and less manual” goal and soon custom app development that requires a huge team of experts and professionals, will no longer be enough.

As a result, many agencies will have to resort to reselling in order to keep their consumer base intact and keep the brand growth steady.

Even heavyweights and giants of many industries delegate work and outsource tasks to other agencies or professionals.

This amplifies the power of the agencies and enables them to say yes to all the orders and complete them on time.

However, moving from custom app development and landing again at the doors of custom development agencies cannot be reasonable at all.

Instead, look for more advanced options that are set to shape the future of app development.

For instance, there are WordPress mobile app builder plugins that can enable users to create premium native apps within minutes without writing a single line of code.

As “no code” technology is all set to become the future of development, most agencies will switch to such online app creators.

After all, who would like to go through the complex processes of coding and technical designing when the option of DIY and code-free is available at the fingertips!

3. Who doesn’t like to save money, effort & time?

Reselling will become the new buzzword in the universe of app development because it will enable agencies to save a lot of money, effort, and time.

Let us break it down for you and make it simpler.

Switching to code-free app makers will enable agencies to save on the digital infrastructure, hiring of professionals, and other expenses.

Unlike app development agencies, most of such DIY app building service providers have a fixed and affordable pricing structure, thereby freeing customers from any kind of hidden charges and extravagant expenses.

This allows agencies to save a lot of money on app building. They can create apps in the cost effective way, earn commissions, and also offer affordable apps to their customers.

Since most of the work involved in setting up the infrastructure and developing the apps gets distributed, the efforts required from agencies also gets minimized.

Implementing changes as per customers’ requests, customizations and updates also become easier in such an eco-system.

Thus, one gets to save a lot of effort and time that can be utilized elsewhere (like expanding the business). As time is one of the biggest resources today, reselling will be the go to solution for all!

4. Customers will become smarter & more demanding

There was a time when app development was an extravagant affair and buyers were willing to pay huge prices for even the basic apps with simple features.

However, as technology has become more user-friendly and information is within the reach of almost every individual, customers have become smarter and more demanding.

This trend will continue to increase in the coming years, making the market more competitive and exhausting.

Customers will demand more features, advantages, and benefits at reasonable prices, and it will become difficult for agencies to cope and keep up with the changes by following the traditional methods.

Thus, reselling will come to the rescue of such agencies. It will give you the ability to cater to all kinds of customers and thus widen your territory in the market.

5. Get the power to offer more & earn more than ever

It has been a common myth for years that only app development agencies should sell apps to customers.

This predicament can now change, as different kinds of agencies can now become app resellers, thanks to the code-free app builders.

Reselling will allow businesses to bundle and sell multiple products and services under one roof, thereby making it easier for customers to get everything at one place.

Sounds confusing?

Let’s assume a shop sells phones, another one sells phones cases and then there’s a bigger one that sells both. Which one is more likely to draw customers and offer them ease and convenience?

Of course, the latter one!

This trend of one-stop shopping and purchasing will only grow in the coming years and the mobile development industry will not remain alien to these developments.

In fact, many brands and organizations have already started understanding the importance of bundled offerings, and are reaching out to affiliates and third-party vendors for selling their products and services on their own stores.

For example, website developers can also sell apps and offer a wholesome solution to businesses aspiring to go online.

Basically, reselling and code-free development together will give businesses the power to offer more to their customers, and they will ultimately be able to earn more and grow more.

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Wrapping up!

That was all from our end today!

If you have an agency, then go ahead and make app development easier by becoming a reseller. Turn to DIY tools like AppMySite and process bulk orders with ease.

You can create native white-labelled Android and iOS apps and resell them at any price you want.

It will give you the freedom and flexibility to create more apps, grow your customer base and increase your conversions as well.

You can also start an agency if you do not already have one, and offer app development services to your customers alongside other things.

In fact, there are plenty of options that you can explore.

So, wait no more. Go ahead and get the ball rolling. Subscribe to a DIY app builder now and give your agency the boost it needs!

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