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Appmaker vs. AppMySite – A mobile app builder comparison

AppMySite aims to democratize app development by making apps accessible and affordable for all. This includes SMBs (small & mid size businesses) , enterprises, agencies, organizations, and even individuals.

If you have already explored our mobile app creator, and need a little more perspective, then let us help you achieve the same.

AppMySite and Appmaker are both reliable website-based app builders. In order to choose which works best for your business, you need to know how both work.

Before we see all the top features AppMySite offers and how the platform works, let’s take a look at Appmaker.

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  1. Appmaker: No-code apps for WordPress and Shopify websites
  2. AppMySite: The ultimate alternative to Appmaker
  1. Five reasons AppMySite is considered one of the best app builders
  2. Frequently asked questions ​

Appmaker: No-code apps for WordPress and Shopify websites

With AppMaker, you can create a fully synced native mobile app for WordPress and Shopify websites. It was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Kochi, India. Besides WordPress and Shopify websites, users can also build custom-built apps that are not connected to a WordPress or Shopify website. 

AppMaker’s plans start at $48 per month.

AppMySite: The ultimate alternative to Appmaker

AppMySite is one of the best code-free app builders, that ensures affordability without compromising on the quality and technology front.  

It is especially popular in the WordPress and WooCommerce circuit due to its love and dedication for the WordPress community. In fact, AppMySite aims to become for app development what WordPress is for website building.

The end-to-end process of creating, managing, and publishing the apps on the platform is a breeze. Amongst the top Appmaker alternatives, AppMySite comes packed with features and settings that you can leverage to shape your app the way you want to.

WordPress Integration

WordPress is the best platform for creating almost any kind of website. Having an app that integrates with your existing website saves you hours of work that includes updating every data manually. It is also good for your branding.

AppMySite offers WordPress integration, thereby bringing your website experience to the mobile app. With AppMySite’s WordPress app builder, you can also pull content, data, menu, etc., from the website.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is the eCommerce extension of WordPress and thus one of the leading platforms for creating an online store. It has multiple themes and plugins that together make the platform absolutely scalable and friendly for all kinds of users.

AppMySite offers holistic integration with WooCommerce and also has many built-in eCommerce features and settings.All your store’s data can be synced to the app

Shopify Integration

While Shopify lags on the customizability front, it does have an elegant ensemble of eCommerce related themes, features, functionalities, etc. One can create premium eCommerce websites with Shopify.

Shopify is currently on AppMySite’s product roadmap along with Magento. Once this integration is built, you can build an app for your Shopify store.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

Custom Taxonomy and Posts is a WordPress feature that lets users play with post types and categories. It enables users to create a customized bundle of posts and build different kinds of websites (LMS, directory, dating, etc.) with varied menus.

AppMySite is one of the very few DIY app makers that supports custom taxonomy and posts. Sync all your site’s custom posts to the app with AppMySite and get support for any type of WordPress website.


Every app must have its own voice, aesthetics, tone, etc., that together establish and underline the brand identity and separate it from other apps. Thus, the app builder must enable the personalization of app elements.

AppMySite enables users to customize almost every aesthetic aspect of the app and also lets its customers point-and-add necessary features and functionalities.

Website Real-time Sync

Content forms the essence of the app. All the data that you add to the app must have functional and branding value. Having a real time sync between the website and app makes this task a breeze.

It eliminates the need for manual update, cutting down on your responsibilities. AppMySite offers real-time sync between website and app. All the website data can be reflected on the app in real-time.

Realtime Preview

How wonderful would it be if all the steps of app development, updates and changes could be tracked and reviewed in real time without leaving the screen? It would obviously minimize the chances of errors and save a lot of time and effort.

AppMySite was very clear about this from the very start. It extends this feature to all its users, even on the free plan. You can easily preview how your app looks and works.

Content Analytics

Which are your top viewed blogs? Which products are attracting the most eyeballs from app users? Answers to similar questions matter for all kinds of businesses. This is why content analytics is as important as generic app analytics.

It tells you how impactful and efficient your app content is. AppMySite offers content analytics and enables you to see different types of popular screens and pages in the app.

Multisite Support

Multisite is a WordPress feature that enables you to create different sites, connect them with a common domain and unify their management. It is a winning feature, especially for brands with websites in several countries.

With AppMySite, you can create different separate apps for different websites and connect them all to a parent app. All the apps can be managed under one roof.

Universal Payment Support

Offering multiple payment options is as important as offering varied content or product options to an online customer. It can enable you to cater to different kinds of audiences with different payment preferences and also sell across multiple countries using different currencies.

AppMySite emerges as a champion here as it extends universal payment support to its customers. Any payment gateway can be integrated and offered to the app users.

Universal Shipping Support

It is the age of glocalization (globalization and localization) and businesses need to maintain an international brand image while staying aware and in touch with the local audience. In fact, many eCommerce businesses are aiming for overseas customers.

For this, a brand needs to offer universal shipping support. AppMySite takes an edge in this department as well. AppMySite’s universal shipping support allows you to sync all your online store’s shipping rules to the app.

Auto Publish Apps

Creating an app wins you just half of the battle. One of the real challenges is getting the apps on the app stores, Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Therefore, it is also important to know how the app builder enables you to manage app publishing.

AppMySite offers the auto-publish feature. This allows users to push their app updates to the app stores directly from AppMySite. You’re not required to go through app submission via App Store Connect.

App Version Updates

Rolling out new updates every once in a while, gives a boost to your app performance, enhances your listing, and also keeps your end users amped up. This in turn helps with the overall app performance, rank, and visibility.

AppMySite releases new updates and code versions frequently. Additionally, it also enables customers to make changes to their app (add new icon, new screen, etc.), and push the same with updates.

Unlimited App Downloads

Most app owners launch their apps on the app stores with the aim of reaching thousands and millions of downloads. Some app builders ration this limit and customers often need to pay extra to get more bandwidth and enable downloads beyond a certain limit.

AppMySite doesn’t have any such restriction on app downloads. Once the app has made it to the app stores, it can be downloaded endlessly by the app users.

Overall Ease of Usage

AppMySite is truly DIY and one can get started immediately without much effort. You can create an app with AppMySite within minutes. It also has an extensive pool of resources, guides, tutorials, etc., that make your task even more effortless and easier.

Once your website is connected, all your site’s data is synced to the app in real-time. You can manage design and settings seamlessly from your AppMySite account and control every aspect of the app.

Five reasons AppMySite is considered one of the best app builders 

If you’ve been researching app builders, you may have come across AppMySite. Most app builder comparisons highlight the various advantages of using AppMySite to create an app for your business. 

Here are a few reasons AppMySite is considered one of the top app builders:

  • Ease of use: As a DIY no-code platform, AppMySite enables you to create mobile apps using automated workflows that don’t involve any form of coding. 
  • Sustainable costs: AppMySite offers sustainable subscription plans that make the prospect of app development reasonable for businesses. 
  • Website-app sync: All your website’s content will be synced to the app. Additionally, any time you update content on your site, your app will instantly sync with it. 
  • Simple integrations: Whether it’s integrating your app with WordPress or Google AdMob, AppMySite makes third-party integrations easy and fast. 
  • Automatic app submission: Users can push iOS app updates directly from their AppMySite account with the Auto-publish feature. 

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about choosing the right app builder for your business? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Which is the best app builder?

Naming the ‘best app builder’ can be a subjective question as every business has its own unique requirements. 

If you’re looking for an easy and powerful no-code solution that can transform your website into a premium native app, AppMySite is the best app builder for your needs. If your requirements are a little different, you can research and find a solution that suits you.

What is AppMySite’s platform generally used for?

AppMySite is generally used by business owners to convert their website into a mobile app. Since the platform is essentially a no-code app builder, it is used for the sole purpose of creating mobile apps. It can also be used for app prototyping purposes. In case a business needs to present a working app prototype, AppMySite is a great platform to quickly set up and build an app.  

Does the platform integrate with any other apps and platforms?

AppMySite offers a ton of integrations with third-party platforms, most notably WordPress and WooCommerce. You can visit the integrations page to learn more. 

Does AppMySite offer guides, tutorials, and other forms of customer support?

AppMySite offers the following forms of support to prospective and existing customers:

  • Help Centre: A knowledge base of articles that explain how to use the different features and modules present on AppMySite. 
  • Video tutorials: See how to use AppMySite through a series of video tutorials. You can find them on AppMySite’s Help Centre and YouTube channel. 
  • Direct support: You can also speak to AppMySite experts directly via the live chat button. Existing customers can also raise tickets via email support. Depending on the subscription plan you can get other forms of dedicated support as well. 

Does the platform offer multiple-user capability (inviting team members, clients, etc)?

You can invite your team members, clients, and colleagues to work on your app. The number of users you can invite depends on the subscription plan you’re on. While inviting people to work on your app project, you will need to assign them specific roles. The role you assign will determine the level of access every invited user has.

Which is the easiest app builder?

Ease is subjective, and it’s thus difficult to name the easiest app builder out there. It is safe to say that as a no-code automated platform, AppMySite is fairly easy to use. All you need to do is connect your website & app, design your app’s screens, and configure a few settings to build your app. 

How do I choose an app builder?

The best way to choose an app builder is to match your requirements with the features offered by the platform in question. This will help you decide if the app builder can deliver on all your requirements. Selecting an app builder may be complicated, but it’s an important part of the development process. 

What are the types of apps you can create with AppMySite?

You can create many different types of apps with AppMySite. Since the platform allows you to convert any website to a mobile app, you can literally build any type of app. Some of the popular types of apps you can create are:

…and so on. Click here to view some of the top industries AppMySite helps you build mobile apps for. 

In conclusion

Now that you have explored the details and checked the overview as well, have you arrived at a conclusion? We leave the final verdict to you.

As one of the top Appmaker competitors, AppMySite has all the features WordPress site owners need to create and launch powerful mobile apps. This article sheds light on AppMySite’s features and functionalities. Once you know how both platforms work, choose the tool that works best for your business and launch a powerful mobile app.

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