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AppMySite and AppsGeyser: An in-depth comparison

Every DIY app builder is different. Even though the final product is the same (a mobile app), the exact workflow and various other functionalities vary.

If you’ve used one DIY platform, there’s no guarantee you can migrate to another without any change. It is important to understand how two platforms work. This is where comparative studies such as these can help.

Both AppMySite and AppsGeyser are designed to enable businesses to create apps without coding. So is the process of building an app the same?

Not quite. The features offered by both tools vary. It is obviously important to know the features and services AppMySite and AppsGeyser offer. In this article, you can learn AppMySite’s features and functionalities and figure out how it stacks up as one of the top AppsGeyser competitors.

Before you get a detailed guide on AppMySite, here’s a brief on AppsGeyser.

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  2. AppMySite: App development made easy

AppsGeyser: Build Android apps without code

AppsGeyser is a mobile app builder that helps users create Android apps without coding. Launched in 2011, AppsGeyser is a great option for businesses that seek easy development solutions for Android app development.

AppsGeyser’s pricing plans start at $1 per month.

AppMySite: App development made easy

As a WordPress user, there’s no better platform to build an app for your website than AppMySite. It is specially designed to sync all your site’s content to a native app. The site data synced to the app ranges from simple posts and pages to menus and categories.

The app you build on AppMySite is powered with features like chat support, social login, and push notifications. There are in-built tools to enable search in the app, manage post screen, and more.  

You don’t need to pay in order to get started and connect your website and app. AppMySite’s preview plan allows you to build a working app that can be tested on live emulators and real devices.

If you’re happy with your app, you can subscribe and download your app from your account. It can then be published to the app stores.

AppMySite is one of the few AppsGeyser alternatives that completely integrates with WordPress websites. If you have an existing WordPress site, a tool like AppMySite is an obvious choice.

WordPress integration

AppMySite allows you to integrate your WordPress website with your app. As we explained earlier, you can show your site’s data in a mobile app. All you’re required to do is connect your website and app.

WooCommerce integration

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin and AppMySite supports all its native features. You can display and sell your WooCommerce store’s products in the app. The products appear in a native interface and automatically sync product data like images, descriptions, prices, inventory, variants, and more.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

Any custom post type created with a third-party plugin can be synced to the app you’re building with AppMySite. Support for custom taxonomies and posts is essential for users who’d like to show custom content formats that go beyond native posts & pages. AppMySite enables you to do this.

Shopify integration

Support for Shopify is currently on AppMySite’s roadmap. You will not be able to build an app for your Shopify store at this point in time. When such an integration is built, you will be able to build apps for your Shopify stores as well.


AppMySite’s design and appearance options allow you to customize your app’s native interface to a great degree. You can separately design crucial screens like onboarding, splash screen, and home screen. There’s also an option to set the color theme for the rest of the screens that are created automatically once your website and app are connected.

Website real-time sync

With real-time website sync, your AppMySite app will show updated content from your website. Any change you make to your website such as new posts, content edits, and more will be synced automatically in the app.

AppMySite intuitively updates your app’s content in real-time. All the content appears in a native app interface and doesn’t simply render your website in the app.

Realtime preview

Most app makers have a live emulator that allows users to preview how the app looks and works in real-time. AppMySite is no different. You can test your mobile app in the preview emulator and see if your site’s content is syncing properly with the app.

Content analytics

Content analytics refers to data that allows you to see how your website or app’s content is performing. AppMySite allows you to see exactly which screens are most popular. You can view popular posts, pages, products, categories, and even search terms used in the app. This way, you can always see what type of content is working for your audience.

Multisite support

AppMySite enables you to connect your app to multiple websites. This way, you can create an app that’s connected to your multisite network. It’s a great way to connect similar websites with one single app.

Universal payment support

AppMySite offers universal payment support. Any payment gateway that’s active on your website would be rendered in the app. You’re not required to take any additional steps to show the payment gateway in your website. App customers will be directed to your website’s payment gateway directly during checkout.

This is an important feature as payment gateway integration can be a tedious process with mobile apps.

Universal shipping support

AppMySite provides shipping support for any plugin you’re using on the website.

While using WooCommerce, you may install a shipping plugin to customize the checkout process based on your needs. AppMySite will automatically sync with any shipping plugin configured on your website.

Auto-publish apps

With AppMySite, you can automatically submit a new version of your iOS app with a simple click. You don’t need to manually login to your App Store Connect account and submit the iOS app. With this auto-publish feature, it becomes much easier to push new versions of your app to the App Store.

App version updates

AppMySite releases regular code version updates. These updates generally introduce new features, bug fixes, and other updates to the app’s UI and UX. It is thus possible to maintain a frequent app update schedule with AppMySite, thus helping you optimize your app’s ASO.

Unlimited app downloads

There’s no limit to the number of downloads you can get with AppMySite. If you’re in a highly active domain where app downloads are easier to earn, this is an important benefit to consider.

You’re essentially free to market your app to as large an audience as you can reach through your marketing efforts.

Overall ease of use

With AppMySite, you’re simply required to design your app and connect it to your website. That’s it! All your app’s other screens like posts, pages, products, and more will be created automatically.

If there are little things you’d like to finetune, there are always point and click toggles that enable you to do so. You can make a free app in a matter of minutes.

In conclusion

As you buckle down to find the best app builder software for your business, you will probably come across AppsGeyser and AppMySite. There are many viable alternatives to AppsGeyser that allow you to create mobile apps, and AppMySite is one of them.   

Both are reliable tools in the no-code space. This article sheds light on how AppMySite works and the various features it offers that allow you to create an app without coding. You can decide which solution suits your business more and launch a powerful mobile app.

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