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AppMySite vs AppsGeyser: An in-depth comparison

No-code DIY (Do-It-Yourself) app builders have made mobile app development simple and feasible. However, every DIY app builder is different. Even though the final product is the same (a mobile app), the exact workflow and various other functionalities vary for every platform.

It is important for businesses to find the one that aligns with their goals and purpose. While both AppMySite and AppsGeyser are designed to enable businesses to create apps without coding, they vary in terms of features and offerings.

If you have been looking for the best AppsGeyser alternative, AppMySite can be it. It is one of the most popular no-code app development tools that democratizes app development and enables anyone to become a developer.

In this article, you can explore AppMySite’s features and functionalities and learn how it stacks up as one of the top AppsGeyser competitors. Make an informed decision for your next app development project and ensure success and growth.

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  2. AppMySite: All kinds of app development made easy
  3. Why choose AppMySite over AppsGeyser?
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AppsGeyser: Build Android apps without code

AppsGeyser was launched in 2011 and it initially started out as an Android app builder only. It allowed customers to create Android apps without coding. Even today, AppsGeyser is primarily known only for Android app development.

AppsGeyser offers around 30 templates that customers can use to create their apps. The apps come with AppsGeyser branding and one can avail premium packages to get white label apps without the branding. The platform is suitable for individuals and small businesses.

AppsGeyser’s pricing plans start at around $1.5 per month.

AppMySite: All kinds of app development made easy

AppMySite is one true no-code app builder that streamlines and simplifies no-code app development like no other. Unlike cookie-cutter app builders, AppMySite allows you to create unique, aesthetic, and high-functioning native apps that capture your vision.

From creating fully customized apps via in-built content management systems, to turning websites into apps, AppMySite allows all kinds of mobile app development. No matter what technology your website is built on, you can transform it into an app in minutes.

AppMySite is also one of the few AppsGeyser alternatives that completely integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce websites. If you have an existing WordPress site or WooCommerce store, AppMySite should be your obvious choice.

Here, you can create feature-rich yet affordable apps for all kinds of industries and business goals. Whether you are an entrepreneur, developer, business owner, organization, or even an agency, AppMySite has a wide suite of products that can fit your personalized needs.

Why choose AppMySite over AppsGeyser?

AppMySite vs AppsGeyser

Every app development project’s success lies upon some significant parameters. For instance, fast delivery and turnaround time, affordable pricing, and high-quality end-product are some key factors that can ensure the success of your app-based business.

AppMySite’s no-code app builder ensures all the benefits listed above and more. While there is an abundance of no-code mobile app creators in the market, AppMySite emerges as the best alternative to all of them.

As a customer who is new to the concept or is yet to explore the full potential of popular options, you can rely on AppMySite to make things simple for you. ‘Simple yet powerful’ is the maxim that perfectly defines the platform.

Go through some of the features and benefits that AppMySite offers and learn why it is a popular choice and the best alternative to AppsGeyser:

Custom app development from scratch

No website? No problem. AppMySite enables customers to create apps on an empty canvas. Unlike traditional custom app development, AppMySite’s no-code app builder eliminates all the grunt work and simplifies the process like no other app creator. From pages to posts, you can create everything for your app from scratch. You can also segment and organize your content with categories and tags and create a seamless app interface in minutes.

Apps for any website

If you have a website and you want to convert it into an app in no time, AppMySite is the best solution for you. It comes with a web to app solution that allows you to build apps using your website as the foundation. You can render your website within the app with only a few clicks and watch your app idea come to life in seconds. From design to deployment, everything becomes super easy with AppMySite’s app maker.

White-label solution for agencies

White-label app development is a boon for agencies. It allows them to extend app development services and solutions to their customers without going through the hassles of starting a typical app development company. AppMySite also comes with an agency solution that allows you to resell a white-label version of our app builder platform to your customers. You can rebrand the app builder and resell it to your clients. Get started without any effort and expand your service portfolio for added growth and revenue.

WordPress & WooCommerce deep integration

WordPress is the best CMS platform. Whereas WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create eCommerce websites. AppMySite offers deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce and supports their native features. Thus, you can create feature-rich WordPress and WooCommerce apps that are powered directly by your websites. You can sync your website and app and import all the content and settings with only a few clicks.

Custom taxonomy and posts

Custom post types and taxonomies are features of WordPress. Support for custom taxonomies and posts is essential for users who desire to show custom content formats that go beyond native posts & pages. AppMySite enables you to do this. Any custom post type created with a third-party plugin can be synced to the app you’re building with AppMySite. This allows you to create a wide variety of apps for all kinds of industries.

Website-app real-time sync

Turning your website to an app is only half the battle. Keeping them synced and updated is as important. AppMySite intuitively updates your app’s content in real-time and saves you all the hard work. All the content appears in a native app interface, and your website doesn’t simply get rendered in the app. Any change you make to your website such as new posts, content edits, and more, gets synced automatically in the app.

Easy design and personalization

A stately design is the cornerstone of an app’s success. It gives users the impression that your app is scalable and worthy of their time and resources. AppMySite understands the same and allows you to design unique and aesthetic apps in a completely DIY environment. It comes with in-built design tools that are intuitive and guide you through every step of your app design journey. From creating icons and color themes to mastering screen designs, AppMySite makes the entire process simple and straightforward.

Realtime app preview

Some app makers have a live emulator that allows users to preview how the app looks and works in real-time. AppMySite is one of them. It comes with a live emulator that allows you to preview and test your mobile app as you build it. This allows you to monitor every change you make and how it is reflected within your app. As a result, you can create flawless apps that align with your ideas and vision.

Content analytics

Content analytics refers to data that allows you to see how your website or app’s content is performing. AppMySite allows you to see exactly which screens are most popular. You can view popular posts, pages, products, categories, and even search terms used in the app. Thus, you can figure out what type of content is working for your audience and make decisions accordingly.

Push notifications

Push notifications have become one of the most lucrative features for app owners and marketers. It allows them to communicate with their audiences on a regular basis and endorse their brands and products in a catchy manner. AppMySite comes with built-in support for push notifications that are easy to set up and configure. It allows you to create, schedule, send, and manage push notifications from within your account.

In-app chat

Giving users one-click access to support is the ultimate way of capturing their attention and resolving their issues with lightning speed. AppMySite comes with chat feature support that allows you to do the same. You can integrate your preferred chat software within the app and extend chat support to your app users for higher engagement and lead generation. Offer smooth support and address their concerns in no time.


Mobile app advertising has become a reliable source of revenue for app owners and developers. AppMySite enables you to configure monetization for your app from within your account and leverage the benefits of in-app ads. You can partner with the best global ad networks like Google AdMob and show ads in viable formats. This allows you to monetize your app and earn revenue without any hassle.

Auto-publish apps

Keeping your app updated is important for its growth and visibility. It also allows you to stay in line with the latest trends of the app store and the app market at large. With AppMySite’s auto-publish feature, it becomes much easier to push new versions of your app to the App Store and stay in trend. You can deploy updates effortlessly and automatically submit new versions of your iOS apps with a click.

Code-version updates

App users are always on the lookout for exciting new updates. AppMySite recognizes that and releases regular code version updates. These updates generally introduce new features, bug fixes, and other updates to the app’s UI and UX that make the experience smoother and better. Thus, it becomes possible to maintain a frequent app update schedule with AppMySite. This helps you optimize your app’s ASO (App Store Optimization) efforts and keep it updated and fresh.  

Unlimited app downloads

We believe that your growth should not be rationed or taxed. Thus, there’s no limit to the number of downloads you can get with AppMySite. If you’re in a highly active domain where app downloads are easier to earn, this is an important benefit to consider. You’re essentially free to market your app to as large an audience as you can reach through your marketing efforts.

Overall ease of use

You can make a free app with AppMySite in a matter of minutes. From design to deployment, our app builder simplifies every step of your app development journey and makes it as smooth as it gets. Either connect your website and app or build a custom app from ground app, the process remains completely code-free and beginner-friendly. It only takes a few point-and-click toggles to finetune the settings and create the app of your dreams. 

In conclusion

As you set foot on the journey of finding the best app builder software for your business, you will come across several app builders like AppsGeyser and AppMySite. However, make an informed decision and choose a platform that is easy and affordable, yet scalable and growth-friendly.

If you have narrowed down your list to AppsGeyser and AppMySite, you can try out both the platforms for free and choose what works best for you. Both are reliable tools in the no-code space and can be suitable for your app project.

This article lists the key highlights and features of AppMySite that you can consider before making a final decision. You can decide which solution suits your business more and launch powerful mobile apps for Android and iOS users.

Frequently asked questions

What is a website to app converter?

A website to app converter is a platform that allows you to transform your website into an app, ideally without coding. AppMySite and AppsGeyser are two well known no-code website to app converters that allow customers to create apps with minimal effort. While AppMySite allows you to create an app for a website built on any technology, it also offers deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. Additionally, you can also create apps from scratch without any website.

What is the best alternative to AppsGeyser?

AppsGeyser is a simple app builder. Therefore, the perfect alternative to this app builder should ideally be simple yet powerful. This is where AppMySite emerges as the best option. This seamless yet revolutionary app builder allows customers to create feature-rich Android and iOS apps for their business. Here, you can build all kinds of apps that are scalable and in line with the latest trends in app development.

Can I move from AppsGeyser to AppMySite?

Yes, AppMySite allows you to migrate apps that are listed on Google Play and Apple App Store without much effort. Simply subscribe to AppMySite and follow the process of app building as you would for any app project. As you proceed, enter the details related to your app build that is listed on the stores. When you publish the app, your current app listing will get replaced with a new one. Get your users to update the app and they will be able to view the new version built with AppMySite.

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