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AppMySite: The easier and better alternative to Appian

The role of humans as a resource is unmatchable even in the age of technological boom. It may take several years before computers rise and take over the entire world.

Relax! We’re kidding! Or maybe not! (Wink!)

However, there are many areas where smart and user-friendly technology has mitigated the need for hiring a battery of professionals. This stands true for app development as well.

Today, it is easier than ever to build an app on your own. The credit for the same goes to code-free app-building tools that are challenging the monopoly of custom app developers, and how!

In this blog, we will walk you through a comparison between two such app-building tools, Appian and AppMySite.

Both platforms are completely different in terms of workflows and features offered. To choose the right solution for your business, it’s vital to know how both solutions work.

Before we dive into AppMySite and its features, let’s get a brief insight into Appian.

Appian – Low-code platform for enterprise app development

Appian is a low-code automation platform that enables you to create enterprise apps. Besides low-code app development, it also has applications in digital process automation (DPA), dynamic case management (DCM), and intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS).

It was founded in 1999 and is currently headquartered in Washington D.C. Pricing starts at $200 per month.

AppMySite – Easy, affordable & suitable for all

AppMySite has been created to make app development easier and more affordable for all. The platform is growing by the minute and is bringing apps to your fingertips by democratizing the process of development.

It is perfectly suitable for all kinds of individuals and businesses and is capable of delivering apps that are at par with any custom-built app created by developers and coders.

With AppMySite, you become your own boss and get to design and build your app from scratch. It is totally code-free and super simple to use, with heaps of amazing features and integrations that make the journey richer and more fruitful.

Basically, you can create your first app project in seconds and finish the end-to-end process within a few minutes. It is that simple! Additionally, the ‘free to build feature’ makes it even more lucrative to use.

WordPress Integration

If you already have a WordPress website, it is only reasonable to get an app that can integrate with the website and perform in sync with it. AppMySite is a WordPress pro and enables you to create apps and integrate them with your site.

The app can be populated with content from the website, thereby offering a consistent experience to your customers.  

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is a highly popular eCommerce WordPress extension. AppMySite allows integration of apps with WooCommerce sites and that makes managing your mCommerce store a breeze. All the information gets sourced from the website, making it easier to set up the app content.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

Custom Taxonomy and Posts is a WordPress-centric feature that enables users to create customized posts and build different varieties of websites (education, dating, etc.).

AppMySite offers smart support for many WordPress-centric features, including this one in particular. You can import your website menu on the app and apply it to a use case of your choice.

Shopify Integration

Just like WooCommerce, Shopify is yet another industry leader when it comes to eCommerce websites. Many businesses use it to create premium eCommerce stores for their web audience.

AppMySite is working on Shopify integration that will soon let users bring the same experience to apps, alongside Magento – yet another eCommerce giant.


In order to create an exclusive brand appeal and impression, it is important that your app contains personalized elements and matches the theme of your brand. This makes it easier for potential app users to recognize your brand’s app and interact with it.

AppMySite offers a conducive environment for personalization. It lets you customize the app look and layout with user-friendly and intuitive design tools.   

Website Real-time Sync

AppMySite offers complete support for real-time sync with website, and it can be achieved with minimal effort. This saves you the time and effort that you may need to spend on adding all the content to the app manually and lets you auto-populate all the website data to the app in a few seconds.

Realtime Preview

AppMySite ensures that there is no room for mistakes as you get to monitor your app project’s progress live with real-time preview emulators for both Android and iOS. You can monitor every developmental and design change as you implement it in the app, thereby getting ample opportunity to perfect it.

Content Analytics

Data is the ultimate weapon in the age of technology. While most app creators offer some or the other kind of support for data collection and analytics, only a few go beyond the basics like downloads, installs, etc.

AppMySite levels this up, and lets users track the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that talk about the performance of the app’s content such as popular screens, keyword searches, blog posts, top products, etc.

Multisite Support

Multisite is a feature unique to WordPress that lets you create a network of multiple websites and connect them on one single dashboard. AppMySite extends tremendous support for this feature and lets you bring the same experience to the apps.

Universal Payment Support

AppMySite offers universal payment support and lets you add your website’s payment gateway in the app. It means that almost every payment gateway system that you have enabled on your website can get reflected on your app and offer a consistent experience to your users.

Universal Shipping Support

AppMySite efficiently manages shipping requirements as it can sync with any shipping plugin that is enabled on your WordPress website. This eventually simplifies checkout and shipping management for your app as well.

Auto Publish Apps

Apple App Store and Google Play Store are two of the biggest app markets and most users rely on these stores to download apps. However, the process of getting one’s app to these stores is quite intensive and technical, especially for iOS apps. Therefore, you must look for publishing support on the platform.

AppMySite simplifies this complex process of app publishing with its intuitive guides and manual assistance. Additionally, it also comes with auto app update feature that makes it easier to push new versions in seconds.

App Version Updates

Publishing new versions of your app is significant if you want to keep the momentum kinetic and enhance your app on a regular basis. It helps you make bug fixes and ensure better chances at good ranks and visibility.

AppMySite enables you to roll out new app versions and release updates. Thus, it becomes easier to implement desired changes and improve the design, features, functionalities, etc., of the app as per the latest trends in the industry.

Unlimited App Downloads

Downloads are a significant metric for determining the success and popularity of any app. The last thing you want is for the app builder to ration the number of downloads that your app can earn or put a price tag on its extended limit.

AppMySite does not impose any such limitation on its platform. An app created on the platform can earn as many downloads as it can. Therefore, you can aim for your milestone download statistics without having to worry about extra charges.

Overall Ease of Usage

As AppMySite is a DIY solution, it is very easy to build an app on the platform.

You can simply connect your website and get a fully-functional app that presents all your site data in a native app interface.

Whether you have a simple blog, eCommerce store, LMS platform, or any other kind of website, you can build an app with AppMySite without coding. The entire process is completely DIY and can be completed in minutes.


That was all about AppMySite! You now know all the best features AppMySite offers. The free Android app maker comes with a ton of features and easy-to-use tools that make it a great solution for all types of business owners. Amongst the top Appian competitors around, AppMySite is best suited for businesses that already have a live WordPress site and need a no-code solution.

This comparison shows how AppMySite works. Now that you know how it works, you can choose the right platform for your business and build a powerful app. As an Appian alternative, AppMySite fits perfectly and helps you make the jump from low-code to no-code app development seamlessly.

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