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AppMySite and Which no-code alternative suits you more?

Looking for the right app development solution? There are several platforms that allow you to build a mobile app. AppMySite is one of them, but it’s always wise to know all the alternatives as well. is one such AppMySite alternative, that offers a mobile app builder solution, as one of their products. The key though lies in the details. Both competitors are different in terms of features and services they offer. General workflows also vary from competitor to competitor.

Obviously, you need to know how both app builders work to make the right choice. This article will help you know more about AppMySite’s features and functionalities.

Before getting into AppMySite, let’s learn a little about

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  1. Frequently asked questions A managed development solution for your business is an AI-powered app development option that simplifies the process of ideating and building mobile apps. Founded in 2016, is based in San Fransisco and remains a viable option for businesses interested in launching a mobile app on the app stores. Besides native apps,’s services extend to other areas like software development as well.’s pricing plans vary based on the type of app you choose to build. Based on the features you choose while working on the platform, you will get a cost estimate for the app and an expected time of delivery.

AppMySite: An ideal alternative for simple & powerful DIY development

AppMySite is a DIY platform built to enable non-technical businesses and users to create an app. It currently supports WordPress websites and has plenty of other CMS platforms on its product roadmap.

As a no-code alternative to, AppMySite is a viable option and makes a lot of sense for WordPress site owners.

The apps you build are powered with standard features like notifications, social login, chat support, and more. With WordPress and WooCommerce integration, you can build a wide variety of apps that serve various use cases. All your website’s updates such as content edits, new posts, product changes, and more.

You’re not required to know any form of coding to work with AppMySite. Once you connect your website, the app will automatically start showing your site’s data as well.

WordPress integration

AppMySite’s app builder offers integration with WordPress websites. You can essentially use your site as a foundation to create an app. The app’s data is sourced from your WordPress site directly.

WooCommerce integration

With AppMysite’s WooCommerce integration, you can sync all your store’s products to your app. Other product details like images, SKU, description, price, and categories will also be synced to the app.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

AppMySite provides complete support for custom post types and taxonomies. Any custom content formats created with third-party plugins can be synced directly with your app. Many WordPress plugins enable users to create customized content formats through custom post types and taxonomies.


AppMySite has an array of design and appearance features that allow you to fully personalize your app. There are options to set the overarching color theme of your app. You can also design your app’s main screens like onboarding sections and home screen.

Website real-time sync

AppMySite is designed for WordPress users and automatically syncs any updates you make to your website in real-time. Any update you make to your website like a content edit, new post, changes in WooCommerce products, and more are automatically synced to the app.

Realtime preview

AppMySite is a DIY app maker that allows you to test your mobile app at every stage during the development process. In the emulator, you can always see how your app looks and works. Any changes you make in the app builder will also be reflected in the app at the same time. You can thus easily manage.

Content analytics

With content analytics, you get to see which screens of your app get the most views. This data is generally segregated by screen type. On AppMySite, you can see which app screens get the most traffic. For example, you can see which product screens, posts, pages, and categories are getting the most views.

Multisite support

AppMySite has a Multisite feature that allows you to connect multiple websites to your mobile app. You can get one app for all your websites and thus manage your app with greater ease. It is the ideal tool for beginners in app development who own multiple websites (or a multisite network) and would like to build a single app for their business.

Universal payment support

AppMySite offers unique payment support, a unique and powerful feature that allows users to integrate any payment gateway to their app. When your app’s users proceed to checkout, they would be able to see your website’s gateway in the app.

Universal shipping support

Many stores have custom shipping rules that are important to ensure that customers are charged the right amount at checkout. AppMySite supports any custom shipping solution you’re using in your WooCommerce store. You don’t need to worry about how your app customers are charged for shipping.

Auto-publish apps

Auto-publish is a unique feature provided by AppMySite that allows you to submit new versions of your app to the app stores. You can easily push a build of your iOS app to the Apple App Store.

App version updates

AppMySite pushes out regular code version updates to allow users to keep their apps bug-free and updated. Every new code version includes upgrades to existing features, changes to UI & UX, bug fixes, and more.   

Unlimited app downloads

You can promote your app to as large an audience as you can reach after creating an app with AppMySite. The platform places no limit on the number of people who can download your app from the app stores.

Overall ease of use

AppMySite is a DIY platform where users can build an app themselves. You don’t need special assistance to create an app. Using point and click options, you can build every element of your app yourself.

In conclusion

There are several app builder software options you can choose from. and AppMySite are viable options for businesses looking to create an app. Both however differ at their core.

AppMySite is a completely DIY tool. You can manage and control every aspect of the app based on how you build it. Since it’s DIY, you can build your app in minutes and you’re not required to wait for an extended period of time. This makes it one of the best options amongst many viable competitors.

This comparison is a detailed guide to how AppMySite and weigh up. Choose the platform that better suits your pressing needs and create a powerful app for your business.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about choosing between AppMySite and Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about AppMySite and 

Which is the best app builder – AppMySite or

It’s not possible to declare either AppMySite or as the best app builder. Both platforms have their own unique features. If you have a website that you’d like to convert to a mobile app, AppMySite is the best app builder. As a platform, AppMySite is designed to sync all your site’s content to an app interface.

Within the app, you can add native features like a bottom bar, social media icons, and more. Once the app is ready, submit it to the app stores. No matter which CMS or web technology your website is built on, AppMySite will be able to support it. 

How is AppMySite a better alternative to other app makers like

AppMySite is a better alternative to other app makers like if you plan to convert your website into a mobile app. As a platform, AppMySite is designed to transcend web experiences to a smart & native mobile app interface. If you have a website and need to convert it into a mobile app, AppMySite is the ideal solution. 

All you need to do is connect your website, design your app, and publish it to the app stores. Any new content you add to your website will be synced with the app in realtime. 

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