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AppMySite vs AppInstitute: Choose your ideal app building partner

The internet has made lives easier for businesses as well as customers. While sellers can reach more people across the globe, buyers can pick what’s best for them from a range of different options.

However, it is also true that with too many options comes too much confusion. This also stands true in the case of finding the best app development partner for your business.

While the world is gradually shifting from custom app development to online app creators, picking one particular app builder can become a mind-wrecking task.

This technology is fairly new, and customers still have a lot of doubts. If you have also been on the search for the perfect DIY app building tool for your business, then you have landed at the right place.

Choosing between AppMySite and AppInstitute can be challenging. You first need to understand how both tools work to make the right call for your business.

The following article covers all the key features AppMySite offers. This way, you can learn how one of the top AppInstitute competitors actually works.

First, let’s get a glimpse of AppInstitute before seeing how AppMySite works.

AppInstitute – Cloud-based, no-code app development

AppInstitute is a cloud-based SaaS solution designed to help business owners create mobile apps without coding. You can build an app for your business on the platform and go live on Google Play and App Store in no time. Founded in 2011, AppInstitute is based out of Nottingham and serves partners & customers in 138 countries across six continents.

AppInstitute’s subscription plans start at $35/month.

AppMySite – Effortless, affordable & ideal for all

We get the bragging rights because AppMySite is a complete DIY app builder in the true sense. It is not like several other app builders that claim to be code-free but end up being technically intensive anyway. As an alternative to AppInstitute, AppMySite makes a lot of sense, especially for WordPress site owners. It is a no-code platform that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website.

It is also not like any other cookie-cutter app creator where all the apps look alike, and lets you take full control of your app instead. From personalizing the design to picking and adding the features, the journey gets as effortless and intuitive as it can.

Additionally, it is also very scalable and affordable and is designed to fit the needs of anyone and everyone. This includes individuals, mom-and-pop stores, small start-ups, enterprises, agencies, and more.

WordPress Integration

If you have a WordPress website and are looking forward to turning it into an app, then AppMySite is the way to go. It offers holistic integration with WordPress websites and also exclusively offers support for many WordPress-centric features.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is the eCommerce extension for WordPress. All that one needs to create highly functional and scalable eCommerce websites can be found on this platform, making it the most popular plugin for eCommerce.

If you have a WooCommerce website, you can bring the same amazing experience to your app by integrating the two with a click. AppMySite offers WooCommerce integration and completely syncs your online store to the app. All product information such as descriptions, details, price, categories, and more are synced to your store in real-time.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

Custom taxonomies and posts is a WordPress-centric feature that enables users to go beyond the native post and page content types. Detailed and elaborate classifications are created using third party plugins to create websites catering to varied industries and niches.

AppMySite offers support for custom taxonomies and posts and lets customers add various content types to the app.

Shopify Integration

Shopify is just next to WooCommerce in terms of popularity. It is one of the best platforms for eCommerce and POS-related services. If you have a Shopify website, getting it integrated with the app can make things easier.

Shopify integration is on AppMySite’s roadmap alongside Magento. Once Shopify integration is introduced, you would be able to build an app for your Shopify store with AppMySite.


It is important that your app contains your brand elements and matches the theme, color palette, typography, etc., that are exclusive to your brand. This makes it easier for customers to recognize your brand and interact with it.

AppMySite offers a ton of point-and-click features that makes it easy for users to fully customize and personalize their mobile apps.

Website Real-time Sync

Website real-time sync feature is one of the must-haves when you are dealing with a code-free app builder. It saves the time and effort that you may need to spend on adding all the content to the app manually and lets you auto-populate all the website data to the app in real-time.

AppMySite offers website real-time sync which means that customers building their apps can manage their content more effectively and effortlessly via their website.

Realtime Preview

DIY app building is all about taking control in your own hands. However, re-doing or going back to the project just to correct a mistake can be unnerving. This also implies that there is no room for errors and flaws and only a transparent app-building process can ensure this.

AppMySite enables you to fully preview your app in real-time on Android and iOS device emulators. These tools allow users to fully test their apps in a simulated device environment.

Content Analytics

AppMySite takes app analytics a notch higher and lets users track the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) related to their app’s content. This lets users identify their most popular screens, keyword searches, blog posts, top products, and more.

Multisite Support

We are reiterating when we say that AppMySite offers tremendous support for WordPress-centric features. In fact, it might not be an exaggeration to call it a WordPress pro, and support for multisite networks is only a testament.

The multisite feature by WordPress lets you create a network of sites connected on a single dashboard and AppMySite brings the same experience to your apps.

Universal Payment Support

AppMySite offers universal payment support and lets you render your website’s payment gateway in the app. This adds a universal appeal to the app and makes it fit for varied customers with diverse payment preferences.  

Universal Shipping Support

AppMySite offers universal shipping support as it can sync with any shipping plugin that you have enabled on your WooCommerce store. This eliminates the need for managing app checkout separately, thereby making your task easier.

Auto Publish Apps

AppMySite comes with a smart Auto-app publish feature that enables customers to push new versions of iOS apps to the App Store. Therefore, new additions to the app can be made available to the audience in seconds.

App Version Updates

Rolling out new app versions with bug fixes and feature updates keeps your app’s momentum going and also helps with ranking and visibility. It also signifies growth and expansion, something that your end users might expect on a regular basis.

Thus, AppMySite regularly rolls out such updates and also enables you to make design and functional changes to the app and push an update to reflect the same for your end-users.

Unlimited App Downloads

Seeing the app download counter increase in strength is every app owner’s primary desire. While not every app is meant to gain millions of downloads, it is certainly a goal and a significant metric for many businesses.

However, some DIY app builders can make this experience sour by rationing the number of downloads an app built on their platform can get. Thankfully, AppMySite does not impose any such limitation. You can promote your app to a large audience without worrying about any arbitrary download limit.

Overall Ease of Usage

As a no-code solution, AppMySite is ideal from a usability standpoint. Anyone can build an app on the platform without coding.

All you really need is a WordPress website to get started. Easy design features coupled with support for custom post types make AppMySite a powerful DIY solution for all kinds of WordPress websites.


Found the best app creator for your business?

AppMySite is the perfect tool for WordPress website owners. You can easily transform your WordPress site into a native app, no matter what type of website you have. From a long list of viable AppInstitute alternatives, AppMySite is a great option if you already have a live WordPress website.

We hope this detailed article on AppMySite’s features will help you choose the right DIY solution for your business.

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