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A few important parameters to consider when naming your mobile app

Are you in the pursuit of a perfect name for your mobile app? Here we are discussing a few important parameters you should take into account when naming an app. These considerations not only help you in picking a memorable name for your app but can also get you more downloads.

The name of your app is the first impression you make on your app users. Think wisely as you will have a narrow chance to draw the attention of your users.

When building a branded mobile app

If you have built your branded mobile app via app builder online, like AppMySite, the discussion is a little trickier when it comes to naming an app for an existing brand or business. Naming a branded app is the easiest, as it is preferable to stick to your brand name simply. All you need is to add the key function into it.

For instance: Etsy: Shop Handmade, Vintage & Creative Goods. Etsy is a popular website to search for handmade goods among crafty people. However, keywords are cleverly selected to allow any user to identify what the app is all about.

The app stores have a few constraints that you need to remember when you are on the fence of launching an app. Google Play Store limits you only to use 30 characters, whereas the App Store allows you to use 50 characters. Simply put, you need to come up with a name that is under 30 characters.

Additionally, these 30 characters will further be truncated. Your potential users can only see the first ten characters of your app name when browsing the stores.

Now, its time to think about how your app name will appear on the screen of the mobile phone. Make sure that the title of your mobile app appears on the home screen of your users’ device and looks elegant too.

According to Apple’s guidelines: ‘App names in iTunes Connect and as displayed on a mobile device should be similar in order to avoid any confusion in users’ minds.

Last of all, you need to think how you will use your app name within your app. For instance, you can use the app name when you are describing the essential functions of your app on the screens.

When creating an app name from scratch

If you are making an app via WooCommerce mobile app builder for your WooCommerce website, you have to create an app name from scratch. Obviously, you will have a little more liberty if you are designing your app name from scratch. However, you should not forget that app store guidelines will still need to be followed.

Ensure the app name should be creative but not too far from what your app is all about. Pay attention to one of the aspects, i.e., recognition. An analytical name may not sound good.

The app name should be in line with your users understanding. It should tell at a glance, what your app does. You cannot just depend solely on your app icon to stand out. Also, your app name should be easy to pronounce and remember. After all, you are not only building a name for yourself but building a brand name in the market.

For instance: Artkive – Save Kids’ Art. The name of the app is easy to pronounce and remember. Also, it sounds familiar with the word ‘archive’. Additionally, the tag line ‘Save Kids’ Art’ speaks for itself. Hence, the app name is perfect both for search engines and for identification purposes.

Considering the Twitter handles, domain names, Facebook page, and more while naming your app. This will be an excellent way to design an app name. However, you need to make sure that the app name or even a small part of your name is not already used in the app stores or elsewhere.

Get a duplicacy check as it can become a cause for rejection in the stores. Therefore, do not overlook this step.

Unfortunately, naming a mobile app is not all about you and your business.

As mobile apps are blooming, around 2.2 million Android apps and 2 million iOS apps are available on the app stores, according to Statista. For this reason, you must understand that you need to differentiate your app from others by naming it in a way which is creative yet easy-to-remember. You can think of synonyms while entering an area where a keyword is already overused.

Mobile app name and ASO (App Store Optimization)

App Store Optimisation

In the end, you also need to have search results in mind. You must understand the concept of App Store Optimization before launching your app on the store.

Read here: A complete guide to understanding the concept of App Store Optimization

When it’s time to launch your app on the app stores, you need to have keywords in your app description and the metadata field.

Also, if you use significant keywords in the app title, you’ll get even better search results. However, do not overdo it! Indeed, you need to limit spam-title length.

For instance: Real Simple Checklists. The name of the app is 100 % ASO oriented yet user-friendly. App name is efficient enough in itself, but mobile app builders still took more liberty with the App Icon and used the RS abbreviation.

If you want to get organic traffic on your app, the best way is to try and come up with short phrases that people likely search for. Even then, do not overdo it. Utilization of keywords should be relevant enough; else your app may get rejected.

On the whole, try to stick to using only one or three words, if possible, for naming your app. A short and crisp name is better for brand recognition. Remember: you can also use a dash or colon for clarity. Keep the name simple and to the point. When you are getting started with app building, you must look at the app store guidelines. Pick up a name relevant to your business, the content, and the functionality of your app. In the case of iOS app, this will proof you from the pain of Apple rejecting your app.

Behind an efficient app name, there is always a great concept. You just need to define yours. Get going!

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