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App Builders or no app builders: Theory for small scale businesses

What happens if customers have a bad user experience with a company?

The chances of engagement decrease significantly if the users are not pleased with their experience with you, as a company. This specially applies to mobile application users, who immediately switch to competitor’s app if you do not meet their expectations.

The objective of a mobile application is usually focused on improving business revenue, streamlining operations and reaching out to a bigger audience. There is only one reason for business owners of small-scale businesses to take up online app development, growing their business multifold.

There is no doubt that mobile apps do help businesses of all scales to reach their revenue targets so its important for business owners to decide which is the best way to go about for development. Most commonly, there are two options that one can go with, custom-made app through app development companies or online app builders.

Obviously, it is very difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to hire an app development company to customize their app, considering the heavy cost of building an app and maintaining it. If the app development company is still on the list, it is important to compare the two options. Have a look at these questions and try answering them, in your head:

  1. Will your app be very different from your website?
  2. Can you look for options to simply convert website into app?
  3. Can you allocate a big budget for building your business app or do you want to work according to your pocket?
  4. Do you have a good timeline to build your app or are you looking for an instant solution?
  5. Can your app be regularly updated with your website?
  6. What platform of development will you go with, web view, hybrid or native development?

We don’t expect you to know the answer of every question in the list, but before you start planning the development of your app, you must know where you are headed.

Your mobile app can really change the way your business is perceived by your customers. Additionally, there is no denying that you improving your sales is effortless through mobile app, if they are technically sound and aesthetically appealing.

Mobile app builder is a more feasible platform to build an app for business that is small scale, owing to the fact that it is affordable and offers an instant solution. If you go with the right platform, you can publish your own app on Google Play and App Store in no time.

Let’s discuss the various factors that will help you decide whether you should go for an online app builder or not.

Estimated budget

While the features of an app that you will build online are important, the investment that you will be making on it additionally matters, especially if you are a small-scale business.

There are two options that you can play with while building an app online: going with an app maker online or letting the app builder do its job. The app that you will build online can be a little cheaper than the former option but the cost of maintaining it can be on the higher side.

If you go with AppMySite, you can convert your WordPress website to a mobile app in minutes. Any time you want to update something on your app, you can simply make the update on your website. All website changes will be synced to the app automatically.

The development of an app through a mobile app development company will be much higher in this case, which will arduous for small businesses to bear, keeping in mind the huge capital cost and the on-going charges of maintaining it.

Development Process

If you are going with an app development company, sure you will get an app that looks like a dream but again, you must have an enormous budget that meets their consultation charges.

In the same light, app makers that let you build an app yourself in a code free environment mostly render web views apps that are not technically sound. If you go with this option, there are chances that your app may not be as perfect as it should be.

In this case, going with an app maker that offers native app development is the wisest decision one can go with. If you get an app that is in sync with your website, then you will never worry about making changes to it individually. This additionally means that you can cut down the maintenance cost that you will otherwise have to bear.

Additionally, native apps are faster when compared to other app development platforms because they are built from scratch and use the devices efficiency to improve app’s performance.

Expected timeline

Businesses that have a few months in hand and a good budget can reach out to app development companies for customized mobile apps. The process of delivering a custom app can range from 3 months – 1 year, depending on the complexity of the app.

However, an outstanding alternative for small businesses that have lesser time to waste and relatively low budget can go app development through a reliable app maker.

You will come across app makers that enable you to create apps in minutes. A platform like AppMySite is ideal of developing mobile apps wuth WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

The best option to go with is app builders that simply take your website details and account specific keys to deliver a within a few days of signing up. These apps are mostly built on a native platform and look completely professional.


In a world that is ever-evolving, it is important for all business to keep themselves updated and move with the latest trends. Businesses can only sustain in a competitive market if they operate as per industry trends, because that is what their customers expect.

For businesses who are looking forward to staying up-to-date with the market trend should definitely build an app to interact well with their customers. App builders came into existence so that small scale business could compete with bigger business neck-to-neck.

We hope that answers your question. Contact AppMySite if you are looking to build an app through native app development.

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