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AppMySite now supports the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Plugin

AppMySite now supports the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin. It is now possible to customize the checkout page of your WooCommerce app.

Support for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor ensures that any change you make to your checkout page on your website will also be reflected on your WooCommerce app. This will enable you to customize the checkout page of your WooCommerce app seamlessly.

The following points explain why support for the Checkout Field Editor plugin is advantageous-

  • Customize checkout fields – Customize the checkout fields displayed on your WooCommerce app. Edit field labels, change their position, remove irrelevant fields and create your own.
  • Placeholder values – Enter placeholder values to help shoppers get an idea about the format in which they need to enter the details
  • Validate inputs – Validate the details your shoppers input in the checkout fields. This will help ensure every order placed on your app is displayed with the right details. This plugin currently offers validation for phone number, email, and required fields.
  • Field variety – Choose from a range of field types to display on the checkout page of your WooCommerce app. The available field types include text, password text, date picker, checkbox, and so on.
  • Create your own fields – Create your own custom fields with the Checkout Field Editor and display them on your WooCommerce app. Use the Add Field option on your WooCommerce website backend to create a new custom field.

Anyone using the Checkout Field Editor plugin can display customized checkout pages on their WooCommerce apps. 

The support for Checkout Field Editor will be available for mobile apps with code version 1.4.0 and above. Go through our release notes for more information.

Also check out our blog and support article to get a more detailed insight on WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor support on AppMySite.

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