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Benefits of investing in a WooCommerce app for your retail business

Online app maker AppMySite: Most retail businesses already understand the importance of having an e-commerce website and an online presence to boost their sales. Currently, e-commerce websites have become the basic necessity for any retail business model to perform well. Retailers, however, still are comprehending the worth of investing in a mobile application.

To help business owners of retail chains, research published by Google, giving them a clearer picture of how influenced the customers are with the apps. According to this research, customers from different parts of the worlds were intensely using mobile apps on their phones to look up for products and services from all kind of industries and also reviewing them. Some of these customers were also happily shopping from these apps on numerous occasions. The purchase rate was higher for customers who shopped from the desktop but the review rate of products was higher on mobile devices. The business owners must take into consideration that a lot of customers like to review the products and the offers on their devices and eventually buy it on their desktop. The real question here is whether we want our customers to look for our products on the mobile website or the app.

Let’s find out the added advantages of having a dedicated app for your business:

1. Enhanced marketing

The mobile apps that are built through native development give users an insight of customer behavior, much better than websites can. This helps the retailers to examine the user interaction with the app and eventually helps them come with up with a better marketing strategy. Through mobile apps, you can also provide a customer support feature in your app to constantly receive feedback from customers. This is a great way of improvising your services and making changes to your business model as and when needed.

Additionally, you can also send push notifications to your customers to send them new promotions and offers that you are currently running. If your customer has not logged into your app for a long time, you can just remind them to check your new products and offers. There is obviously no comparison to the user interaction that you can get from a mobile app.

2. Faster loading

The basic principle of engaging more customers is to reduce the loading time to minimal. It is a proven fact that you get 7 seconds to test the patience of your customer when they land your website. If your website takes more than that to load, it is quite likely that your customers will approach your competitors. While most retailers understand the importance of a website that load at lightning speed, there exist businesses who overlook its worth. This aspect is very important if you are looking to provide excellent user experience and more engagement.

It is just the development of mobile applications that power them to load a more quickly than responsive website ever can. If you go for a native app that is built through a popular Online App Maker, you can also let your customers access their apps in the absence of an internet source. Additionally, the development of these apps also takes place in lesser time. Native apps, especially, have the capability of deploying the device’s resources most efficiently.  Contrarily, a responsive website cannot run without an internet source and take a lot more time to load in comparison to apps.

3. M-commerce growth

The contribution of m-commerce towards the growth of online business really helped small business to grow without pumping in a lot of money. Think about it, won’t it be easier for your millions of customers to buy from your app from any part of the world? Online shopping has changed the way retail businesses worked, obviously for good. Mobile apps have emerged as a blessing to all small business who are seeking to make a mark in the world of online shopping.

A recent study shows that the transactions made through mobile phone have substantially increased over the past two years. These figures are a clear indication that a lot of customers have shifted their interest from desktop shopping to mobile shopping, a major contribution in which goes to the mobile apps.

4. Engage customers

Mobile apps have a way of promoting themselves by just letting your customers use it on a daily basis. For instance: if you are building an online clothing store app it will increase the possibility of increasing the average basket size of each customer, simply because you are on their personal mobile.

Additionally, smartphone users have a way of promoting their favorite products with their social circle by sharing the link of the respective products on social networks. This way, not only are users getting engaged themselves but are also endorsing the app amongst their friends and family. To enhance customer engagement, all you need to do is offer discounts and promotions at the time of signing up.

5. Improved usability

Getting your app developed in a way that it allows your customers to access your app in the absence of internet is a feature that your customer would love to exploit in their downtime. Businesses that go with native app development are empowered to provide enhanced usability to their users. This feature comes handy when your customer is trying to open products that are comprised of high definition animations and powerful images. The fact that your e-commerce app can function properly even without an internet source makes it look really slick.

Besides being able to review your products and services, mobile apps that are built through native development also allow users to add products in their cart so that they can also go back to their shopping list whenever they are in internet zone, to promote to the payment gateways.

6. Customer loyalty

Is retaining a customer more beneficial than constantly trying to acquire new ones? Well, it is a proven fact that getting a new customer on-board costs a lot more than keeping the loyal ones with you, for a longer run. Creating an app work out very well for your customers to build brand loyalty.

Smartphones have a really good way of creating a stronger bond between the customers and the brand through mobile apps. Simply offer irresistible promotions to your patrons and enjoy unexpected downloads of your app.

Having a dedicated app for your retail business is obviously very necessary, especially if you want to improve your brand recognition in the online market. A WooCommerce app is a great solution for all the business owners who already have online e-commerce and looking forward to create mobile app from website. There are many popular app makers that you can get in touch to get your app made within a week of signing up. Some of these portals have come as a blessing for small businesses who are low budget and are looking build app, by not spending a bomb on the development. Simply acquire more customers, build a powerful marketing strategy and boost your revenue by investing in a mobile app.

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