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Build an education app and make online learning fun

The education industry is embracing technology like never before. Ever since the pandemic hit the world, there has been a sudden surge in this trend.

Students of all age groups and levels, are home bound and forced to either study by themselves or take online classes.

In either case, mobile devices and apps have become their go to source for learning. Hence, setting up an educational website on WordPress and turning it into an app has become mandatory.

If you want to set up your business in this industry, then you must be aware of the right practices. Before you sign up for an education app builder, read this article.

Stay tuned and find out about the features that can make your app stand ahead in the industry. Proceed to implement the knowledge in the ways described at the end of the blog.

Mobile technology is aiding education and how!

It is evident that mobile technology has been a boon to the mankind. It has changed the face of many industries across all verticals and horizontals.

However, the education industry in particular, has become an exemplary in this league. It is serving a variety of purposes and the list of advantages is unending.

Some of the primary benefits of education apps are as follows:

  1. Ensures easy and remote accessibility that increases productivity
  2. Complete flexibility ensures higher accomplishment rates
  3. Offers new-age learning experience for the tech-friendly generation
  4. Collaborative learning boosts social skills and technical skills
  5. Enables better communication between tutors-students, tutors-parents, etc.
  6. Eliminates the need of much infrastructural investment and set up
  7. Allows to track & measure performance on fixed metrics without bias
  8. Facilitates education for physically deprived or home-bound students
  9. Removes barriers like language, geography, resources, and more
  10. Prepares students for the technical challenges at their future workplace

Features that can boost the learning experience

A smart and successful app is all about the user-friendly features and experience. Ensure the implementation of the key features discussed below and make your app invincible.

The must-have features for your education app are:

#1- Frictionless interface and navigation

The app should appeal the users form the very first interaction. Make the user-onboarding simple and allow multiple options for accessibility and sign up.

Design an attractive app using relevant illustrations, images, buttons, layout, screens, etc. Make the navigation and in-app transitions smooth and simple.

Based on your app goals and your targeted audience, you can create separate categories. Classify subjects, lessons, age-groups, etc., to simplify app usage and make the process rewarding.

#2- Interactive problem-solving approach

Solving problems and making hard lessons easy should me the prime objective of your app. Devise a blueprint for achieving the same and implement it.

Allow students to pose questions and get answers for the same. Also make the content interactive and engaging. You can arrange live lectures, expert discussions, webinars, etc., to break the monotony.

Do not forget to add some elements of recreation to the app. Organize quizzes, competitions, etc., to keep your users organized and entertained.

#3- Interesting and eye-catching content

Today, content is not just about contextual and factual enrichment. The content should be rich in terms of creativity as well.

You can achieve this mileage by ensuring multi-faceted offerings to your users. Include catchy images, videos, gifs, and other elements to make the content interesting.

To increase the engagement further, make the content understandable by all. Else, you can also divide it on the basis of proficiency of students.

#4- Personalized and growth-oriented metrics

Track the activity of your users and offer a personalized experience to them. Allow them to upload and download content and share it within their community.

It is important that besides imparting infinite knowledge to students, you keep evaluating their performances too. Hence, keep organizing tests, set reasonable goals and metrics that help students track their progress.

Reward them on achieving those goals and keep them motivated under all circumstances. You can also share inspirational content, quotes, stories, anecdotes, videos, etc.

#5- Social media and push notification integration

Social media and push notification integration

Over the years, social media has become more than just a tool of communication and entertainment. It is aiding businesses and industries of all sorts.

Build communities, forums, etc., on these platforms and expand your presence. You can also integrate social media channels and allow students to share and receive content across various platforms.

Also send push notification to endorse offers, deals, content updates, or even to remind students about their pending lessons, webinars, etc.

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Build a smart and interactive app now!

Now that you are aware of the basics of a good education app, you can proceed to build one and enter the mobile market. At first, you can offer a basic experience to users and build your brand niche.

Thereafter, you can take a leap and scale it to suit the growth of your business. In order to make an affordable start, you can sign up for an education app builder.

Build an app for android and iOS with AppMySite mobile app builder without coding and venture out. Create premium native app, customize, test and publish it without any hassle.

Make use of the given opportunity and enter the mobile friendly market without any delay. Claim your territory in the education industry and ensure maximum growth.


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