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Business transition: The journey from desktops to mobile apps

Why you should move your business from desktop to mobile? In the era of rapid business transformations, it has become imperative to seek answers for such questions.

The answer is simple: Mobile apps are simplifying the process of doing business on-the-go.

A mobile app is a different product altogether in terms of user expectations and usability.

While you are building a mobile app using an online app maker, we will help you set your facts right. Here are a few essentials that you should have in mind while making this switch:

Restructuring or rethinking

Your business website may run flawlessly on the desktop internet setup. However, if you are switching it to the mobile, it’s mandatory to involve some restructuring. Therefore, building a mobile app is an entirely different picture.

Creating a mobile app is a feat just one-step away if you use AppMySite online app maker. A mobile app is generally chosen over the desktop version of the business. Therefore, companies are building mobile apps as it gives an edge to their business.

When it comes to restructuring your business for a mobile app, you must know the specifics of creating a mobile app too. The factors worth consideration are:

  • App screen sizes, which help your users to use the app on every mobile device.
  • App design is the key. For instance, a storyboard can come in handy to define usability of the app.
  • Reorganizing the content and features of your business according to the app.
  • Mobile gestures you wish to implement i.e., portrait, landscape mode, or both.
  • If you are building a mobile app for different OS (Android or iOS), you need to follow the app stores guidelines.

Stay up-to-date

Research the market trends as well as your competitors in order to create a successful mobile app. It is the best way to keep your mobile app up-to-date with new trends.

For building a successful mobile app, you also need to understand your target audience’s expectations. With this in mind, you can download new apps from the stores, give them a test run, and watch new developments.

Always take a step ahead of your users’ expectations to stay at the top of your app game. Get an insight of your users’ tastes and preferences to ultimately reach out to your audience in incomparable ways.

If you want to give a great mobile experience, you need to update your mobile app from time to time. Incorporate new mobile gestures when they surface in the market, integrate new features and play with designs if you want your mobile app to stand out among others.

Remember finding ways to put your app on the map, in the app stores, as well as in your user’s phones. Even if your mobile app has been downloaded by users, the race is not over yet. You always need to be in contact with your users to remind them about your app features and functionalities.

Also, always find solutions to retain customers or win them back.

Timing is everything

Create your mobile app timely

If you are running a website, you might be used to the desktop features. There is no denying that making changes to a website can be a time-consuming endeavour. However, once you understand it, you will have a say on when you publish it.

Conversely, for a mobile application, you need to go through the arduous submission process to the stores. This process is all about abiding by the rules and regulations of both Google Play and App Store. You need to act in accordance with them for updates over time, as well.

When it comes to scheduling the launch of your mobile app, you need to take the strict guidelines into account, especially in the case of the iOS app.

Make sure that your app complies with the store’s requirements to avoid rejections. On the whole, sometimes businesses fail to meet the terms and conditions, and their app is not worth the effort.

Final words

A mobile app is not something that businesses can afford to do business without.

If you are running a WordPress website and looking for a WordPress app builder, AppMySite is here to let you build your mobile app in a few simple steps.

If you want to learn more about what goes into creating an app, we are here to help you to get started.

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