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Celkart is selling more with AppMySite WooCommerce Native App

Mobile apps are revolutionizing the ways in which e-commerce functioned years ago. M-commerce has replaced websites as mobile phone users are growing worldwide. The worldwide revenue to be generated by mobile apps is expected to increase consistently in the coming years.

Mobile phones are synonymous with ease and comfort and customers are likely to spend more time on apps than websites. Mobile phone shoppers are more loyal towards the brand. The cart abandonment rates are lower on apps. Due to longer interaction time, people all over the world, including the enthusiastic millennials, are shopping more on apps.

All leading retail brands out there, have an app that rules numerous mobile phones as their brand’s signature. Even small and local retail businesses springing up are launching apps for a much dedicated and wider consumer base.

Celkart is one such flourishing business that has reinvented its brand with a WooCommerce native app built by AppMySite. Read and find out how AppMySite has stimulated business for Celkart by redefining its business model.

Celkart – the budding entrepreneurial genius

Celkart is an entrepreneurial endeavour by techies from India. The retail company sells gadgets and accessories like storage and hard drives, speakers, power banks, cables and chargers etc. It started with selling its products on website. Shortly after the launch of the website, the owners decided to venture into apps.

As Celkart mainly identifies the millennials of India as their target audience, an app could do wonders for them. Youngsters spend most of their time on mobile apps and Celkart was aware of this vitality.

As a new set up, risk was their driving factor and their concern at the same time. After rummaging the options on the internet, they contacted AppMySite and thus set afoot on a productive collaboration. The dedicated customer support feature helped the entrepreneurs clear their doubts and plain sail through the process of app building. AppMySite built an app in the most seamless way for Celkart.

AppMySite – the efficient mobile app builder & bankable partner

AppMySite has redefined the approach businesses had for app building. App building was an extravagant affair years ago. A company had to go through the tedious process of hiring technicians, developers, coders, designers etc., for getting an app built. But, AppMySite eliminated the requirements by providing the most efficient and affordable mobile app building solution.

Businesses can easily convert WooCommerce website to mobile app with AppMySite, the DIY app building solution. It is becoming a boon especially for budding ventures like Celkart. AppMySite has its consumer base spread across many countries with happy and satisfied customers across the globe. All businesses, big or small, are received with equal fervour and the best is done for them.

It is easy to build apps with AppMySite. Thorough customer support is assured through the entire production process and thereafter. AppMySite mobile app builder for WooCommerce websites has become the bankable partner for many businesses and given them new dimensions, including Celkart.

Enviable features that make your app outshine competitors


Apps built by AppMySite have features that can compete with apps built by traditional methods. It implies that a retail e-commerce business can have the privilege of having an efficient app for its customers without spending much. AppMySite mobile app builder creates native apps that are at par with traditional apps in terms of features and performance.

The features of mobile apps built by AppMySite enhance your business in the following ways –

  • Wider consumer-base: The apps can be built for both Android and iOS users and can be published on Google play store or Apple store. The apps are compatible with the latest versions of the operating systems and perform well. Wider availability ensures wider consumer base. Customers can identify their target audience and also opt to build app for specific store only. Celkart, for example, has app for android users.
  • Customer retention: The apps assure efficient UI/UX. Amazing interface, user-friendly experience and enticing graphics and layout ensure that your customers have a seamless experience and thus, return for more.
  • Ease of selling & buying: The interface is designed in a way that makes the usage convenient for the sellers and the buyers. Features like social media integration, multiple payment gateways, smart and intuitive performance, efficient check out cart and real time sync with website make the app usage seamless and smooth.
  • Identification of marketing goals: Apps built by AppMySite have in-built user analytics tool. Having a statistical record of sales and purchase helps in up-selling and cross-selling products and thereby enticing customers to buy more.  Knowing your users and their usage pattern, behaviour etc., helps you evaluate the performance of your app and your brand as a whole. It also helps businesses to identify their marketing goals and thus achieve them.
  • Ad-on benefits: Apart from the advantages discussed above, AppMySite benefits its consumers in many other ways. The add-on products and listed features of AppMySite add to the existing benefits and amplify your success further. For instance, customers can set up push notifications and send it to users to inform them about new developments, changes, offers, deals, discounts etc., and in turn drive sales. Customers can also choose their preferred services from the list of add-ons and add more value to their apps.

Success is the crux!

We have discussed the importance of mobile apps and the features that make a mobile app builder efficient. However, the most significant motive of this article is to portray the benefits that follow the process of app building. The ultimate aim of a business is success and revenue-generation.

AppMySite is one such mobile app builder for WooCommerce and WordPress websites, that is capable of building apps that assure progress. It is affordable and dynamic at the same time. Businesses like Celkart have already set afoot on their structured ladder of growth with AppMySite. It’s time you should join us too! Get associated with us and sail to success.

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