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Enhance the product categories section on your app dashboard

AppMySite introduced new features that will enable you to manage the product categories section on your App Dashboard. These features will broadly extend the option to show or hide certain categories and update the visual appeal of your product categories section on your app dashboard.

Let’s take a quick look at the new features you can leverage to enhance your product categories section:

  • Column management: Update the number of columns that you would like to distribute in your product categories. You can select up to four columns. 
  • Display images: Import category images from your website. You can also pick and style categories with solid colors.
  • Name display: Turn the toggle on to display category name under each category tile on the dashboard. Turn it off if you do not want to display category names. 
  • Shape enhancement: Customise the shapes of the category tiles. You can choose between sharp square, rounded square, or circle.
  • Text color: Choose the text color you wish to display the category names in. 
  • Show categories: Choose the product categories your customers will see on your App Dashboard. You can select from the following options-
  • Parent categories: This option will enable you to display the primary categories of your WooCommerce Store (also called parent categories) on your App Dashboard.
  • Populated categories: This option will enable you to automatically populate the section with categories that have the highest number of products.
  • Selected categories: This option will enable you to choose specific categories from your WooCommerce Store to display on your app.
  • Sort categories by: Decide the order in which you want to display your product categories. You can choose to display them in alphabetical order or keep the most populated ones at the top.

Features to manage product categories on the App Dashboard will be available for mobile apps with code version 1.3.2 and above. Go through our release notes for more information.

Check out our blog to learn more about managing page display on AppMySite.

Visit our support article to know more about designing the product categories section of your home screen.

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