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Get a design makeover for your app with the New App Version add-on

Internet has become the go-to solution for all our needs, requirements, queries, and more. The proliferation of smartphones has further empowered consumers who need more such options.

This has put immense pressure on businesses, and they are expected to offer multi-channel experience to their consumers. Brands and organizations are compelled to create apps, in order to reach their audiences.

However, creating an app from scratch can get really tricky and mind-numbing. From design, to development, customization, and listing, it involves a great deal of hard work and toiling. Also, it is not always possible for every brand to spend a fortune on custom app development.

But AppMySite addresses this growing demand of apps by offering a DIY mobile app technology that has made app creation, a cakewalk!

This best in league app builder enables everyone to build an app for their website. You can create WooCommerce apps, blog apps and even apps for CMS websites.

It also offers a myriad of add-on solutions that further enhance every customer’s journey with the app maker. Today, we will be discussing about one such add-on solution by AppMySite. Stay tuned to know more!

New App Version add-on by AppMySite: An introduction

AppMySite is the most efficient app builder that enables users to create premium apps without writing a single line of code. We already have a huge family of subscribers and customers who created their apps with us.

Evidently, anyone can easily design aesthetic apps for their business, and keep their brand aligned with the ongoing trends. However, as the mobile market is constantly evolving, the trends also keep changing.

Therefore, we have designed the New App Version add-on for our customers who wish to upgrade their app design and launch a new version of their app on the app stores.

All the customers who have built their app with AppMySite, can purchase this add-on, and redesign their app build from scratch. Sounds overwhelming?

Do not worry! It is absolutely effortless to build or redesign your app with our intuitive and user-friendly app maker. In fact, it is just a matter of minutes, and you can also use our free tutorials for easy guidance.

Availability & Compatibility:

This add-on is available for the following app versions:

  • Android: Version 1.0.0 or higher
  • iOS: Version 1.0.0 or higher

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Salient features of the New App Version add-on

The New App Version add-on enables you to give a complete makeover to your app existing on our platform. You can create a new build to update the following elements of your app:

  • App Name
  • App Icon
  • Launch Screen

These are the most crucial elements of your app design and layout and determine how the app appears on your users’ screens.

The design for these elements of the app cannot be edited once a customer has generated the app build. (Do not worry! We have an extensive preview and testing feature to help you avoid any mistakes and create flawless apps.)

However, if at any point, you feel like you need to give your app a makeover and design these elements again from scratch, you always have this add on.

You can purchase this add-on and update your app as per the latest industry trends in app design and layout. Stay tuned and know about the benefits of this add-on in detail, as discussed below:

#1: Update app name

Many brands often changed their name and logo whenever they wanted to give a makeover to their brand. If you wish to take the same route and rebrand, you can begin with changing your app name first.

This add-on will allow you to do the same. Update your app name to a new one and revitalize your brand image and identity with ease.

#2: Update app icon

The trends in mobile app design and aesthetics keep changing. For instance, when the pandemic COVID-19 hit the world, many mCommerce brands added a mask to their app icon design to give out a message.

You can also stay ahead of trends and give your app icon the makeover it needs. All you have to do, is get this add-on. You will be able to create a new app icon from scratch or even upload an existing artwork.

#3: Update launch screen

The launch screen is a crucial part of your app as it hooks the users’ attention while the app loads. If it loses its charm and becomes boring and unattractive over time, chances are that your engagements might face a dip.

Avoid this situation and keep revamping your app aesthetics. You can get this add-on and design a brand new splash screen to welcome users with a new and rejuvenated app interface.

#4: Create & download new app build

Once the order is processed, you can immediately proceed to update your app name, icon, and launch screen. Once the new app build is created, you can download and test it just like you did for the first time!

Sounds fascinating? Well, there is more to it! This add-on allows you to make endless changes to the app name, icon, and splash screen until you generate a new build.

It means that you can take your time and experiment with multiple new app designs by tracking and reviewing it on the live preview and simulators.

When satisfied, you can proceed to generate the build and update the existing app on the app stores. Your users will be able to see your new app name, icon, and launch screen as soon as they update the app on their devices.

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Get a new app for your business now!

This is not all! AppMySite free app maker has much more to offer! You can not only create premium native apps for Android and iOS, but also power your subscription with multiple add-ons.

All you need to do is sign up for the platform and you can start building your app immediately. Create app for your blog, CMS, or eCommerce websites without writing a single line of code.

Build, customize and test your app build and proceed to publish it for Android and iOS users. Tap into the mobile friendly market and grow your business.

Offer a 360 degree solution to your buyers and consumers and multiply your profits. Reach your customers at their fingertips and attract more sales and conversions. Hurry! Subscribe and try for free now!

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