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Here’s how bloggers can benefit from a WordPress mobile app

While it is becoming increasingly important for online stores and business to own a mobile app, the benefits of the same for website owners and bloggers are seldom discussed. As a matter of fact, not many online app builders cater to bloggers and WordPress website owners.

Thankfully, AppMySite, a powerful mobile app maker, can help you create a native app for your website in a few minutes. In this post, we will discuss a few benefits that bloggers can accrue by converting their WordPress websites into mobile apps.

1. Know Your Audience

No matter what type of blog you have, knowing your audience better can set you apart from your competition. By using the hardware features of the phone, a mobile app can collect and analyse large amounts of data and help you learn your audience’s tastes, preferences, location, habits, demographics and engagement patterns. You can offer new ways and choices to your readers to interact with your website and keep a watchful eye on how they are consuming the content on your blog. With valuable insights on your user behaviour, you will be able to generate more appealing and engaging content for your readers, thus growing your audience.

2. Increase Readership

It is obvious that bloggers want more readers and viewers for their blog and want to maintain high levels of readership as well. But, as the world moves starts using mobiles as its primary source for consuming content and information, it only makes sense to engage them via a mobile app. Since most people are likely to engage with apps on the go, say, while travelling to and from work, you can have their undivided attention and offer them valuable content instantly and directly. Another benefit of having a native mobile app for your blog is that you can send push notifications to your app users regarding new posts, updates, and announcements, and ensure that there are a healthy number of visitors on your app at all times.

In conclusion

There are obvious advantages that bloggers stand to gain from converting their websites to a mobile app. The main challenge is creating a powerful app. Custom development solutions are too complex and expensive, making them inaccessible to bloggers.

A tool like AppMySite can help in this case. It is a WordPress mobile app builder, that enables bloggers to sync all their posts, categories, and pages to a native app environment without writing a single line of code.

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