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How a mobile app can power your wedding planning business

In this present day and age, there is an app for everything you can imagine.

Mobile apps are penetrating all industries. Consider how much time you spend on accessing apps daily and how much your customers rely on the same.

Every industry is dependent on a mobile app to stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends. You also need to grow with the time.

Wedding, for instance, is one of the most important affairs in a person’s life. If you are a wedding planner, you must know how much goes into planning a wedding better than anyone. You do everything to make your client’s wedding planning experience as easy as possible.

In the same line of thought, a mobile app for wedding planning can offer your clients all of the different aspects that they can think of and need to keep track of.

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Here, we are discussing a few points to help you understand the need for a mobile app for your wedding planning business, have a look:

Display potential venues

When it comes to planning a wedding, the selection of a venue for a preferred date is one of the first things your customers do.

Once the venue is picked, and a date is selected, other things start falling into place based on the choices. Show them a full list of all the prospective locations through your app and make it easy for your customer to choose the perfect venue for the wedding.

Take a Wedding Wire mobile app as an example, and see how they make it easier for their customers to plan their wedding via mobile app. From saving their time to visit all the locations to choose the best one among their choices in mind.

Let’s be realistic, your clients probably have a long list of wedding venues, thereby you cannot pretend that they are only going to see a few.

All wedding venues are not next door to each other. Therefore, to view these locations, you would have to set-up appointments for your clients as they need to drive to each one, walk around, and meet with a representative.

This process is completely inefficient, and your clients may have to take off from work to view all of these venues. With the high costs of wedding, you cannot ask the bride and the groom to miss work every time when you need to visit the site.

However, an introduction of a mobile app with a 3D tour of venues give your clients an outlook of the place amongst dozens of sites’ in a few minutes.

Clients can freely search for a venue based on their needs, such as the location, price, and availability for their preferred dates. Including a large collection of images and videos of each site in the app can help them make a decision.

Incorporate a calendar feature

Keeping track of everything associated with planning a wedding is challenging. Both, you and your clients will have a ton of appointments to manage along with many people to stay up with them.

With your mobile app, your clients simply maintain their appointments without carrying a book to write things down.

Including a calendar feature within the app to help your clients keep a track of all the dates for their appointments. Syncing this calendar with a default calendar that comes pre-installed on the mobile devices will streamline their planning process.

People rely on apps that are incorporated with productivity tools. Therefore, it would be a great idea if you offer this feature to your clients to stay organized during a hectic time.

A wedding planning mobile app can keep your customers engaged and encourage them to use the app as much as possible. An additional feature of push notification can remind your users about the upcoming dates and necessary appointments.

Ultimately, your wedding planning app can behave like a timeline to your client’s wedding.

You will have more free time to do other stuff or handling other clients when your app works for you. The automation of your app will eventually take care of everything from your daily routine.

Add an option of registration

On the day of the wedding, your clients will receive many gifts from their guests.

Adding registration option on your app will help your patrons list everything they need in their wedding celebration. Also, you are giving them a focal location to manage all their wants and needs in the app.

Take an example of a newly-wed couple who palpably need help in setting up their house. From silverware to appliances, toiletries, and window treatments, they will need everything, that they can list in your app for further use, and can also manage the list from the same platform.

By adding a registration feature, you are simply increasing the chances of getting more people to download your mobile app. However, the most difficult challenge for new and upcoming mobile apps is ‘Marketing.’

Setting up a registration feature will act as a free app promotion for your wedding planning business. Both the bride and the groom can work as your brand advocates to their guests. When the couple sends out invitations to their guests, such as ‘save the date,’ they can include the name of your company below invitations. This can prove to be a great marketing tactic for your potential clients who are planning their wedding.

By setting up an arrangement with businesses who are selling wedding items, you can easily build an alternative pathway for a consistent revenue stream.

Connect your clients with vendors

Your mobile app can serve as a third-party connection with vendors when your clients get registered with the app.

Finding a DJ, band, and wedding photographers is a part of wedding planning. You can think about how many vendors you need to get assistance. Hence, a native mobile app will help save some time and make your clients’ lives easier.

Take an example, when the bride and the groom are looking to hire a photographer, they can give you options they would like to go with. Following their request, you get in touch with a list of photographers for a quote and the number of days they will be covering. Now, in many cases, you will come across vendors that either don’t get back to you or take a considerable time to respond to your query.

Meanwhile, your clients become impatient and think that you’re not taking this task as seriously as you should. This process will not only reduce your efficiency but also cause frustration among your team members.

Having a wedding planning app should build with a vendor management feature to improve your efficiency and satisfy your clients at the same time.

Manage guest lists

Another most annoying wedding check is managing the guest list, which is your responsibility more than the bride and groom.

When it comes to listing guests for the wedding, there are several difficult decisions to make. From sending invitations to after-wedding gifts, the couple probably don’t want to miss out on important guests and simultaneously don’t want to invite everyone.

For a family who is planning a wedding, coming up with a list of potential guests each night after dinner can be very exhausting. However, if you empower your client with a wedding planning mobile app, managing the guest list at any time throughout the day will be easier for both of you. Imagine your client adding their guests while standing in the queue at a coffee shop!

You can also include an option for app users to manage the guest list by groups, such as family members from both the side (the bride and groom) and friends (the bride and groom). By adding guests to the invitation list, including their mailing address, email address, and their RSVP status, you can manage the seating arrangements as well.

Even after the wedding, your clients can refer back to their guest list to keep track of ‘thank you’ notes for gifts and attendance.

Real-time budget planning

Real-time budget planning

Weddings cannot be considered as an inexpensive affair. Different clients have a distinct perspective on a wedding budget.

Your wedding planning mobile app can help your clients to keep track of all of their expenses in real-time along with a budgeting feature.

Adding filters to exclude certain vendors and venues from the search queries based on the client’s budget will give them refined results. There is no reason to show them a list of places and vendors that they cannot afford.

Set up your mobile app in such a way that it can keep track of each expense associated with the wedding every time it occurs. For instance, when clients add a DJ or book a venue, they will be able to observe how much it will impact their wedding budget.

With this addition, your client’s will know how much room they have left to work with, like for food, flowers, and a photographer. These search options can be adjusted based on how much money is left in their budget.

You will definitely come across clients who want to spend a significant amount on the wedding, and the ones who want to spend a little in this big event. Including a budget feature in your app will help you personalize the experience of each one of your clients.

Weddings are going digital

Couples are already using the internet to plan and organize their weddings in this modern-day and age. For example, websites like – the knot acts as a digital wedding planner.

The site provides all the information related to the wedding. The bride and groom can even share their story of how they met, give details on the bridal party, which can act as a digital invitation.

With these aspects, it makes sense for your wedding planning business to have a mobile app that does all of this for you.

Adapting to the digital trends is necessary if you do not want your wedding planning business to become obsolete for your clients.

Mobile is the solution

Your wedding planning business needs a mobile app to keep you updated according to the market trends, you will be in peril if you don’t keep up.

Besides using websites specifically designed for planning weddings, people are also using other mobile apps as part of their wedding planning.

Social media platforms like Pinterest to get inspiration for wedding dresses, casual outfits, flower arrangements, and other decorations at the wedding. Instagram to create wedding hashtags to keep track of all the pictures during the bachelor party, cocktail party, and wedding day.

Many websites are designed to create personalized hashtags for a wedding. These websites ensure that hashtags should be unique and have not been used by any other couple.

If your clients are using apps for all of these different things, you will need to make sure that your app is connected to social media accounts to make your client’s mobile experience even better.

The final word

To conclude, your wedding planning business needs a mobile app.

Offering your customers, a wedding planning app is a convenient way to help them select a venue for their wedding. Also, the app serves as a medium to connect the bride and groom with a variety of vendors.

The calendar feature in the app keeps everything organized and helps you send push notifications to remind your clients about their appointments.

In addition to these features, the registration feature of the app is a great way to get more people to download your app and further increase your in-app revenue stream.

If you are offering a great wedding planning app to your modern clients, they will get a feature to manage their guest list and also keep track of a budget in real-time.

A mobile app will ultimately make your wedding planning more efficient and keep your business run in the future.

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