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How much tech know-how is enough to get an app built?

Business managers and owners who do not come with an IT background often find it challenging to put together an app development team to create a business app that will meet the expectations and needs of your business and customers.

However, is it really necessary to have technical know-how or to hire executives who can lead your app development team to get the task done?

The answer is no, you do not need to have a lot of technical knowledge to know how your app should look and work.

Anyone with sound knowledge of how a product should look like and work to satisfy customers can help plan and overlook the development of an app.

As a manager or owner with first-hand experience of the product and clients, you can very well define how your app should behave. The rest can be taken care of my a development team that works in-house or under a third-party company.

It is suggested to hire a third-party development team, in case you have limited tech knowledge and are unwilling to spend a lot of time and resources to manage a full app development team for a long time. However, third-party development teams can also prove to be expensive and difficult to follow-up with.

One solution to this is to use an online app builder that will help you create an app in a few easy steps without expending a lot of energy, time, and money.

AppMySite is one such website that will help you turn website into app in two easy steps:

  1. Submit your existing website’s URL
  2. Choose an plan to build apps for iOS, Android or both

AppMySite helps turn WooCommerce and WordPress websites into apps in a few weeks. Here are a few features of the apps developed by AppMySite:

1. Branding

To start with, AppyMySite’s team extracts the branding elements of your company from your website and integrates them into your app. The splash screen of the app is designed with your company’s logo and the app carries your color theme, too.

This helps maintain consistency in your brand’s representation on your app and website. This will help your customers easily identify your app on app stores and will also enable you to create a strong brand image. You can send your own logos and graphics for the app or let AppMySite’s team extract the required information from your website.

2. Intuitive app design and navigation

The app designed by AppMySite has an intuitive design which enables users to take the steps and actions that you have pre-planned or predicted. Intuitive navigation in the app helps keep your users engaged and also keeps them satisfied.

A well-planned navigation structure helps you extract maximum value from your app, as your customers are basically following the app usage steps that you have designed for them, so that you can reach your desired business goals. This is a great way to direct customers into taking actions that will help accomplish objectives of both your customers and business.

3. Smart filter, search, and sort options

Smart filter, search and sort options are designed in the app, so that users are able to find the products, services and content that are relevant to them. This helps customers make quick purchase decisions, so that they complete orders while they are in a favourable mindset.

Smart filters and search options also help you add a large inventory in your system and still ensure that all the products are easily discoverable by the users. This will help your business move inventory faster and will also make your app easy to use. Relevant search results can also help in increasing customer purchase basket size.

4. Web-synced category and product menu

The product categories and menu in your app is automatically pulled from your website. This means that any changes you make to the inventory, products and product categories on your website are automatically reflected in your app, too.

If you are a content publishing website, then the content that you publish on your website will be automatically posted on your website, too. This saves your merchandisers and content managers a lot of time and effort in updating the content and menu on your website. This also helps you ensure that you are able to keep your online product environment fresh.

5. Efficient cart

The app created by AppMySite will have an efficient cart, so that customers can easily complete their orders. The cart enables users to see the details of the selected products, add and remove products from the cart, checkout to pay, and complete orders.

An efficient cart is necessary to ensure that all the actions taken by your users on the app come to fruition. This is the final step in the interaction of your users with your app, and it should go smoothly to ensure that you do not have any abandoned carts or dissatisfied customers.

6. Integrate payment gateway

AppMySite’s WooCommerce mobile app builder easily integrates the payment gateway on your website in your app. This enables your customers to easily make in-app purchases. This also allows you to collect all your website and app payments through a unique payment gateway account.

A good payment gateway allows your users to make payments through credit/debit cards, net banking, online payment platforms, mobile wallets, etc. When you integrate such a payment gateway in your app, you help users make payments through an option of their choice. This results in a higher rate of completed orders.

7. Thorough testing of app

AppMySite has team of expert developers who test the features and functionalities of your app thoroughly, so that your app functions without any bugs and glitches. If your users find your app screens sticky or do not get proper success of error messages, then they are put off by the app.

It’s better to spend some time in testing your app properly than to lose customers to an app with bugs and issues. One very important thing for a shopping app is to ensure that the payment function work properly, so that customers are able to build trust with your app and brand. AppMySite helps you test your app for you.

8. Publishing of app on app stores

One generally has to make app developer accounts on app stores to publish one’s apps. AppMySite does this on your behalf and creates app download pages for your apps on app stores. This saves time, money and effort in publishing apps in a timely manner.

Also, AppMySite lends expertise in putting the right content and design for your app on app stores, so that you are able to make a strong app download page, which will encourage your customers to download and install the app for long-term use. One can easily search-engine-optimize an app download page so that potential users are able to find them on Google.

The above features of the apps created by AppMySite enable managers and owners to build native apps for Android and iOS without any technical know-how. There is no time involvement required in terms of follow up, as AppMySite’s team delivers the tested app in a few weeks.

You also save a lot of money, as the pricing plans to turn website into app with AppMySite are very affordable.

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