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Ideal time and cost you should spend on a WooCommerce app

As more and more customers are shopping through mobile platforms, it is essential for businesses to create a mobile app that will get them repeat customers and enable higher shopper engagement.

To make your online selling platform mobile-ready, you will have to spend time and money to make your own app. The question is, ‘What is the ideal time and money required to build an app?’

Following activities are required to build an app. Let’s elaborate on the work and money that goes into carrying out each of these activities:

1. Planning

You have to hire a business analyst who can understand your business and customers to plan the flow of your app that will get you maximum benefits. This analyst ought to have a technical background and fair knowledge of Business & Marketing concepts to be able to plan an app and its features that will deliver a suitable user experience.

The business analyst generally prepares wireframes for the app after studying the business, market and competitors. Planners will also have to take native features of iOS, Android and other platforms into account while planning.

2. Designing

Once the app is planned, a graphic and UI designer who is familiar with design elements of the kind of app you plan to create will have to be involved. The designer must study your brand story, competitors’ designs, and shopper preferences to create a User Interface that is intuitive and effective.

It can take a lot of time, research and work to create designs that will get you results. Separate designs will have to be developed for iOS and Android platforms.

3. Developing

After designs for all the pages of your app are ready, you can start developing the app. Depending upon the platforms—Android, iOS, Windows, etc.—that you plan to develop the app for, you will have to engage different developers who can develop good native apps. Android and iOS are the most popular platforms among users.

Developers can either choose to create an app that works with an independent database or in sync with your e-commerce website. You will have to hire proficient Android or iOS app developers to do the work for you.

4. Testing

Once all the pages of the app are properly developed by developers, you will have to engage another set of engineers to test the app for functionality and ease of use. They will test each function of the app to check that the user experience goes smoothly.

You can also engage your marketing team to give feedback on the elements that will work or not work for your customers. A focus group of shoppers can also be involved to get feedback on the app from actual users’ point of view.

5. Publishing

After the above four steps, you’ll have to publish your app on appropriate app stores. This involves adding graphics, SEO-friendly description, and the latest version of your app to each store. You will have to create a developer account on each platform, pay developer account fee and publish and maintain your app.

When you are publishing your app for users, it is essential to add graphics that explain the main features and benefits of your app. This helps customers make a quick decision about the value of downloading your app.

To undertake the above activities, not only a lot of manpower is required, but also a lot of effort and time is expended.

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In this fast-moving and competitive world, it is essential for businesses to create a foolproof and effective app in no time. One way is to hire freelancers or an in-house team to build the app, but that takes a lot of time.

The other, and the most efficient, way is to take services of service providers like AppMySite, which require only your e-commerce website address and account keys to create native apps for iOS and Android.

With their superior value plans, you can make your own app that is well-developed, designed and tested for your shoppers.

You don’t even have to worry about publishing your app on app stores, as AppMySite takes care of all that for you. Whether you’re creating an online grocery store app or a content app for your blog, AppMySite is an ideal solution.



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