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Mage Zando is winning more customers with AppMySite mobile app

Mobile apps have turned out to be the best invention since sliced bread. The concept of ‘global village’ has reached a new zenith for businesses. Mobile apps are breaking demographical and socio-cultural barriers and allowing businesses to reach the multitudes.

Many businesses have already taken the step forward and built an app for their retail website. Mage Zando is one such retail company that has enhanced business by building a WooCommerce Mobile App with AppMySite.

Mage Zando is not only allowing its customers to ‘buy differently’, but is itself ‘selling differently’ with apps. Their app is named ‘Myzando’ and is currently available for both iOS and Android users.

Read and ascertain how the winning features of the app built by AppMySite have elevated Mage Zando, a retail company in Congo.

Reinventing retail solutions

Mage Zando is an online retail solution based in Congo. It sells clothes, accessories, personal safety equipment, school supplies etc., for people of every gender and age. Before getting an e-commerce app for selling products online, Mage Zando sold them on website. With a considerable number of buyers, the company was doing well.

However, they decided to get an app for their brand and thus set afoot on a journey of widespread success. With the Myzando app, the company has enabled a smoother and more viable communication with its customers. The app has made things easier for the customers and the company.

As people are spending more time on mobile phones, apps earn more loyal customers in comparison to websites. Apps render more comfort and ease and the personalised appeal adds on to the list of winning abilities. Mage Zando is harnessing this potential with its app for iOS and Android users, that has been thoroughly built by AppMySite.

Winning features of App

The apps built by AppMySite have features that can amplify success and reinvent your business operation model. The apps have the ability to rank well and perform well and outstand its competitors. Your customers will be tempted to shop with you and return for more.

The following features make the apps built by AppMySite, outshine others –

1. Compatible – The apps are compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS and thus run smoothly on mobile devices.

2. Affordable – AppMySite eliminates the need of hiring technicians, coders or designers for making an app. Building and maintaining an app with AppMySite is highly affordable and pocket friendly.

3. Versatile – The Apps are available for both android and iOS users and are highly versatile and interactive in terms of performance and features. Cross platform product menu widens the reach of your audience. Myzando has a high functioning app each for Apple and Google app stores.

4. Native App – AppMySite builds native apps. It means that the app is not just a web-view of your website but has an individual appeal and is highly efficient and intuitive.

5. Real time sync – The app is in real time sync with the website. Any change made in the website, reflects on the app. Updating and publishing information is quite easy.

6. Engaging UI – Engaging User Interface ensures amazing user experience. The app is easy on the users’ senses and functions smoothly. Customers-interaction increases and they spend longer time on app.

7. Social login enabled – Signing up and logging in the app is easy. This feature makes the app customer friendly and gives more personalised insight into the information related to your consumers.

8. Efficient check out cart – Smart searching & sorting allows hassle free shopping experience to customers. The efficient check out cart reduces abandon rates. As the app is brainy enough, up-selling and cross-selling can also be administered well.

9. Multiple payment gateways – AppMySite allows integration of multiple payment gateways in the app. You can also request your preferred gateway and widen the scope.

10. User Analytics – With the app user statistics, you can analyse the performance of your apps and determine the scope of your brand. It helps you in strategising growth-oriented steps for your company. The app dashboard helps you manage it efficiently.

Icing on the Cake

Myzando app is laden with the features discussed above. The salient features enhance the shopping experience of users and boost the sales of different products. The enhanced graphics and designs make the products look alluring and tempt buyers.

The app is easy on senses and allows segmentation. For instance, Myzando has different categories for clothes, bags, accessories etc. It has distinct buttons for sale items and featured products. The highly customisable and visually rich orientation of the app is an absolute delight for the seller and the shoppers.

Besides the features described above, there are several other things that make AppMySite the best mobile app builder. For instance, you can curate push notifications and send it to users. Push notifications, when used smartly, can enhance communication with your customers and boost sales. Myzando can create push notifications about sales, offers, discounts etc., and send it to its users. This personalised marketing strategy can drive sales and also build a bond of trust and confidence.

AppMySite prioritizes customer support and satisfaction. Thus, the app builders can be assured of thorough support and guidance. Moreover, the numerous ad-on products offered by AppMySite can add further value to your app and enhance the experience.

It’s high time to rise higher 

Myzando has redefined its business and revamped success. Apps have put it on an innovative and exponential growth trajectory. It’s high time for you to apply the same formula of success to your business.

If you have a retail website, then get a WooCommerce Mobile App for your business. Get in touch with AppMySite and build your own road to success.

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