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Mobile app marketing: Making your mobile app a hit

The secret to a successful mobile app lies in its simple design, intuitiveness, and effective marketing. With the evolution and democratisation of technology, creating a mobile app from scratch has become a child’s play – but the marketing of the same is still a challenging and complex process. In this post we will suggest a few critical ways in which you can promote and market your mobile app. Plus, we will also discuss a simple way in which you can turn your WordPress site into a mobile app so that you can single-handedly focus on marketing it.

#1- App store information

The description of your app in the app store, the categories and key-words targeted, the favourability of the user rating and reviews, and if there are ample screenshots displaying prominent features and uses of the app – all of these factors contribute significantly to how your mobile app is viewed upon by new and potential users. All of these are critical as your app will have just a few seconds to make a remarkable first impression. Remember, there are virtually countless apps vying for the user’s attention and the need to stand out from the crowd is indispensable.

#2- Promotional offers

If you are a product or a service based organisation, and want your existing users to move to the mobile app, you can run targeted campaigns and promotional offers that provide additional savings or discounts through the mobile app. This will popularise the app among your existing base and acquaint them with a new way of interacting with your brand. Thus, after you turn wordpress site into app, consider a limited period marketing campaign that incentivises your customers to use the mobile app.

#3- Tutorials and demos

In addition to the aforementioned screenshots, creating a series of tutorial videos and images to show new users how your app works, demonstrating prominent features, and highlighting premium functionalities is a great way to get new users to use your app. In addition to the app store, you can promote these tutorials and demos through social media channels as well. However, make sure that the production and design quality of the video and images is top-notch. An added advantage is that making such videos and designs usually does not incur a very high cost and they can be created on strict deadlines as well.

#4- Expert reviews

Finally, you can also opt for third-party bloggers, shoppers, and tech experts to review your mobile app and share it across their networks. This is one of the easiest ways to get noticed by potential users in relevant communities. However, in order for this approach to work as expected, you will have to provide the reviewer with autonomy so that the review is objective and fair. Do not mistake this to be a ‘paid endorsement’ by the reviewer, but an assessment of your app. By using an expert mobile app builder, like AppMySite, to Turn WordPress Site Into App, you won’t have to think twice before submitting your app for a review.

As it must have been amply clear by now, building an app for your website is only half the battle. The other half entails marketing it strategically. However, using an intelligent app creator for building the app can help you focus on popularising it amongst users and ensuring that it is promoted in relevant circles. Thus, choosing an easy and cost-effective mobile app builder significantly simplifies the task of creating mobile apps and helps you in promoting it effectively. To know more about how you can create a powerful native app for your website, get in touch with AppMySite today.

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