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Multisite support add-on is live: Make an app for every country

AppMySite has introduced the Multisite support add-on that helps you make an app for your WordPress multisite network.

If you have a business website with a global audience, you must have heard of multisite. A multisite essentially enables you to build a network of websites. Each website in the network generally caters to a specific country or region.

The new add-on will help you achieve something similar in a mobile app environment.

User preferences change as we move between different cohorts and demographics. When your users open your app, they expect you to deliver a customized app experience.

This piece provides a complete guide to the new add-on and how you can use it to improve your app.

The Multisite add-on

The Multisite add-on will essentially allow you to build a single mobile app for your entire multisite network.

You must have noticed how apps change based on your location. For example, Netflix will provide different content recommendations based on the country in which a user is located.

Preferences tend to change across borders. If your user base is spread across different countries, it makes sense to create a personalized app version for every country.

The Multisite add-on will help you show a different app version to your users based on their location. This way, you can truly personalize your mobile app beyond borders.

Furthermore, your users can choose different countries within your app. You can now build an app for a global audience with the add-on.

How to use the add-on?

Multisite is an exciting new add-on, but you must first understand how it works to leverage its benefits. The following points provide a complete breakdown on using the add-on:

  • Create unique apps for every website in your network. Make sure you create every app with the same AppMySite account. You can visit our knowledge base to learn more about making apps with AppMySite.
  • Go to App add-ons in the left panel menu of your AppMySite account.
  • Purchase the Multisite support add-on. Get on a paid plan to make the purchase successfully.
  • Visit the Multisite section in your AppMySite account once the purchase is complete.
  • Click on Add app and start connecting all the apps you have built for your multisite network.
  • Assign a country for every app you connect. You can add and remove the apps you connect and change the country you have assigned to each.
  • Generate Android and iOS builds from the same app you purchased the add-on with.

Your new app will load different versions based on the country your app users choose.

Here are a few points you must keep in mind before purchasing the Multisite add-on:

  • The add-on will only be available for apps with code version 1.6.0 and above. 
  • Only the owner will be able to connect and manage apps with the Multisite add-on.
  • You need to be on a paid plan to purchase the add-on.

How will the Multisite add-on help?

Localization is not a buzz word anymore. App businesses are gradually becoming more global and looking to expand their user base beyond demographic lines.

The main benefit of using the Multisite add-on is creating a single mobile app for your entire Multisite network. Earlier, you could not connect the different apps you built for every website in your network.

Now, you can connect all the apps you create for different websites in your network and launch a single mobile app. Customize every app according to the specific preferences of your users in that country. You can thus do much more on the AppMySite free app maker than build an app.

In conclusion

AppMySite is no longer just a simple mobile app builder for Android & iOS. You can accomplish a lot on the platform with the help of powerful features and add-ons that help improve app design, performance, and experience.

The new Multisite add-on will help you make great strides in personalizing the app experience of your users. You can now show a different version of your mobile app based on the country your app user chooses.

Visit the add-on page to learn more about this new addition.

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