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Strengthen your online business by building an app

An app can help small and large businesses to strengthen their foundation of marketing and operations by making them more efficient and growth-oriented. Apps have wider reach, are easy to use. They enable users to interact with or purchase your products with ease.

If you have a website for content distribution or e-commerce, then you can make your own app for iOS and android to explore various untapped opportunities in sales, marketing and operations. This will help you widen your market presence and tighten your plan of action for better results.

Here are a few ways in which your app will help you strengthen your business and its ties with your clients.

1. Make yourself accessible

More and more customers, these days, have access to mobile devices. Users spend a lot of time of their days on these mobile devices to consume content, shop, be entertained, etc. Therefore, if you have an app, you open up new doors of communication and transactions between you and your customers.

As apps can be accessed with just the tap of an icon, your users are enabled to visit your online platform again and again with ease. This also helps improve traffic on your online distribution and communication platforms. Apps also help businesses send push notifications, which can be seen by users without unlocking their mobile devices, offering you a way to communicate directly with customers without any diversion

2. Make an app in sync with website

You can make a WooCommerce mobile app or WordPress website using online app making services like AppMySite. This helps you create a website that works in perfect sync with your app. Such seamless syncing of your app and website will save you and your content managers a lot of time and effort.

Any change you make to your website will automatically reflect in the app synced with that website.  In case you have an e-commerce website, then the changes you make to the product categories or menu on your website are seamlessly reflected on your app, too. In case of content publishing websites, too, you can just post things on your website and see them reflect automatically in the app. This helps in achieving operational efficiency.

3. Promote app

When you promote your app, you are easily able to promote your business, too. You can promote an app among existing and new users. Promotion of app can be done by search-engine-optimization of your app pages on app play stores. You can insert relevant keywords on your app download pages and then share them on relevant social marketing channels.

Your app can also be promoted among existing customers on the website. You can prompt users coming on the website from mobile devices to download your app, so that they can access your content and products easily and efficiently. These marketing activities help acquire new customers and retain existing customers. You can also offer incentives to your potential customers to download and try using your app.

4. Engage and retain customers

Apps also help you engage and retain customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. When customers are convinced to download an app and have easy access to it through their mobile phones, then they tend to engage with your online platform more often than they would have done through the web platform alone.

Apps also help increase your customer lifetime value, as users tend to use an app for a longer period of time. Besides helping in customer retention, apps also help engage customers better and in an efficient manner. You can send push notifications to customers to communicate marketing and transaction messages to your customers. Apps also help deliver valuable content and promote new products among customers, increasing opportunities of better engagement.

5. Offer loyalty program

You can also offer a loyalty program to your customers through an app. Apps make it easy to use and manage a loyalty program. As you reward points and other loyalty benefits to customers, they are able to see their real-time updates through an app, which gives them instant gratification.

This allows you to run a strong loyalty program, where customers are constantly connected with their earnings and benefits gained with you. This helps build your rapport with customers and also encourages users to return to you often to use their rewards or to gain more of them. Apps also allow marketing managers to send direct loyalty-related messages to customers. This helps keep customers engaged.

6. Market through app

Apps are great tools for marketing new products, events, affiliate products, programs, etc. They offer a cost-effective channel of communications with users. Businesses can send notifications to customers regarding upcoming sales, ongoing discounts, new or special edition products, and more.

In-app marketing opportunities can also be used to enhance sales and customer engagement. You can place promotional banners inside your apps, create seasonal product catalogs, give product recommendations to customers, etc. to encourage them to check out and buy products, attend events, and participate in business promotion programs. There is very less cost involved in carrying out such marketing activities compared to other traditional marketing channels.

7. Get referrals

You can also use your app to get referrals from existing customers using the app. You can offer incentives to users to share the app with their peers and connections on social media channels. You can also provide easy app and product sharing options in your app, so that satisfied customers are enabled to share their experience with others.

People are highly influenced by the recommendations made by their friends and family. Therefore, you increase your chances of selling more to new customers who have been referred to your business by someone they know. This is also a very cost-effective way of acquiring new customers, making the task of sales and marketing teams easy. You can also offer joining rewards to customers who are referred by existing customers.

8. Collect customer data

One important thing that apps help do is collect data about mobile users. Mobile users have to give access to your native app to various features of their mobile devices. This helps you collect personal information of customers like date of birth, mobile phone, and email ID. This enables businesses to stay in touch with users easily.

Besides contact information, apps help collect data about the way mobile users interact with content and products on your app. This helps you optimize your App’s user interface and experience to offer the best experience and get the best results. If you have a WooCommerce mobile app, then you can also understand which product baskets are purchased by which types of customers, so that you can package your products more attractively.

To undertake the above activities, not only a lot of manpower is required, but also a lot of effort and time is expended.

In this fast-moving and competitive world, it is essential for businesses to create a foolproof and effective app in no time. One way is to hire freelancers or an in-house team to build the app, but that takes a lot of time.

The other, and the most efficient, way is to take services of service providers like AppMySite, which require only your e-commerce website address and account keys to create native apps for iOS and Android.

With their superior value plans, you can make your own app that is well-developed, designed and tested for your shoppers.

You don’t even have to worry about publishing your app on app stores, as AppMySite takes care of all that for you to quickly and cost-effectively launch you mobile apps in the market to compete and grow.

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