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The anatomy of a perfect WooCommerce mobile app builder 

Mobile application is changing the way in which businesses reached customers and generated revenue using technology. Especially the popularity of shopping apps is the testimony to the fact that mobile devices and applications are the future of shopping.

The increasing number of mobile phone users across the globe has caused a revolution on the app stores. There are more than 2.57 million Android apps on the Google Play Store and more than 1.84 million iOS apps on the Apple App Store and the number is increasing each day. Clearly, the revenue through mCommerce is seeing a rise like never before as people are spending more time and money on apps.

With the advent of DIY app creator tools like AppMySite, it has become easier to turn a website into app. It is clearly the smartest and most strategic step one can take for expanding their reach and increasing their revenue by tapping into the mobile market.

However, before you create your own WooCommerce app, you must know where you should invest your resources. By doing so, you will be able to harness the benefits of having an app to the maximum and also get an edge over your competitors.

In this article, we are sharing the list of the most viable and exquisite list of features of a perfect WooCommerce mobile app builder. Read further and determine your checklist before investing into one.

Fifteen commandments of success

By complementing your website with an app, you can woo potential consumers and provide more value and ease to the existing ones. In order to build the best WooCommerce app, you will need an app creator that comes with endless attractive features. Ensure the checklist discussed here and create an app that stands out amidst your competitors.

The fifteen must-have features of a WooCommerce mobile app builder are:

1.  User-friendly

The very purpose of a DIY app builder is to save you from the strain of thinking about how to convert a WooCommerce website into mobile app. Therefore, your app creator must save your time, efforts and money.

Get an app builder that allows you to work in a coding-free environment. The interface should be quick, seamless and intuitive enough to assist the user in making and publishing the app. It will be a surplus benefit if it comes with ample tool tips and tutorial videos that can guide you through. 

2. Affordable & Native Solution

Only because your app builder has ample of exquisite features, it should not burn a hole in your pocket. Look for a tool that offers a range of packages and comes at best industry prices. It is suggested that you go for an app builder that provides combined plans for both Android & iOS apps as it will give you maximum coverage.

Besides good packages, also ensure good quality. Do not settle for a hybrid or web view app as it will not benefit you in the long run. Instead, get a native app builder that can create fast and responsive apps that are capable of using the resources of the device.

Your apps’ success can multiply by leaps and bounds if your app builder also ensures ‘offline’ access. It will reduce dependency on internet and help people stay in touch with your app even in remote areas.

3. Preview Support

Imagine building the complete app and getting a final product that is unsatisfactory, after paying for it. You will surely not want it. Therefore, get an app builder that allows you to preview every change and update parallelly.

As you proceed with the app builder, every step of progress like changes in logo, design, colour or more, should be trackable. Keep previewing your app icon, splash page, screens and more, as you keep designing and adding each element. Once done, you should be able to preview the app and get the first-hand experience on an emulator.

4. Engaging User Interface

It is proven that an app that has an attractive interface can keep your users coming back for more and boost your conversions. Hence, ensure offering a smooth experience to your users to keep them returning back for more. In fact, 47% of mobile app users expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less.

Clearly, consumers opt for apps over websites for the sake of ease and convenience. Therefore, the need of a frictionless app further intensifies. Fetch a builder that creates apps that have a tempting user interface and have the ability to keep users engaged. An app with fascinating UI (User Interface) will ultimately ensure an amazing UX (User Experience).

5. Attractive Design & Layout

Studies show that 94% of the first impressions of a mobile app are based on its design and ultimately determine the success of it. You have no other option but to design your app smartly and creatively. It will not only hook your users, but also elevate the visibility and presence of your app on app stores by fulfilling the design quality parameters.

The splash screen (loading screen), landing pages, logo, action buttons, category tiles, product menu, and more, should all be designed well and appeal the users’ senses. The content should be easy to perceive and the overall theme of the app should be coherent and reflect the identity of your brand.

6. Real-time Sync with Website

Smart app design and layout

Your website is something that your existent users are already well versed with. Your app must retain that sense of belonging and aid your website. This will build your brand recall value and help your trusted users recognize you easily. In short, the app you build, should be in complete sync with your website.

Any change made on the website should reflect in the app, and vice versa. It will help in securing the features of the websites, within the app, and make them identical. This will help in generating traffic share (app to website & website to app) and make the app management and usage easier for you and your consumers.

7. Smart Filtering & Sorting

Without a systematic and layered navigation system, you cannot expect your app to get popular. An app that facilitates easy navigation, has the ability to promote repeat sales, increase basket size and multiply conversions. Every brand, especially eCommerce stores, emphasize on this fact to ensure a flawless experience for consumers. Your app should be intuitive and help your consumers in meeting their shopping goals.

This can only be achieved by having an app that has smart searching, filtering and sorting tools. It should allow people to segregate products according to their varied preferences like size, brand, colour, or more. It will also help you in tracking their purchase activity and aid cross-selling and up-selling of your products.

8. Seamless Checkout

If you wish to have an app that is perfect from end to end, then besides other features, also ensure a seamless checkout for your users. The app should have a smart cart that allows people to add unlimited products and steer them to satisfaction as they shop. Allow people to add coupons, avail discounts, make changes, and more, as they proceed to checkout before making the final payment.

Consumers should be allowed to easily choose their delivery address and other information from the saved data and make changes to it, if needed. However, ensure they do not get fed up and keep the checkout steps and pages to a minimum. As a standard, there should not be more than three to four steps to the checkout process.

9. Multiple Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway is the elementary feature that allows you to cater to a wide range of customers and facilitate secure transactions for their purchases. The apps that have multiple payment gateways have a considerable advantage over the ones lacking this feature as more payment options ensure wider coverage.

Get an app builder that allows you to integrate as many payment gateways as you wish, for free. In fact, your customers should have the convenience of choosing their payment method at their checkout. Offer multiple payment options and gateways like cash on delivery, credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, or more. Let your customers shop in the way they want to.

10. Social Media Integration

Social media integration in app

Social media has become the ultimate publicity tool for the success of any brand. An app that has a visible presence on various social media platforms can also rise above in Google search rankings. Therefore, your app builder must have the social media integration feature, and it will be great if it comes for free.

With this feature, you can link your social media accounts to your app and allow people to connect with you and share your stories and products on various platforms. You can use these platforms to promote your app and also run ‘install ad’ or other campaigns to compel people to download your app. You can also organize referral rewards campaign and incentivize users to use, test, rank, review and share your app.

11. Push Notifications Dashboard

If you wish to promote your app well and boost downloads, you must have a robust strategy and infrastructural support for the same. An app that facilitates interactive communication with your users, is a bliss and push notifications can prove to be a useful tool for direct interaction. It can help you in stimulating new users, retaining existing users and bringing back lost users too.

Get an app builder that comes with an integrated push notification dashboard feature. You should be allowed to create, manage, schedule and send unlimited push notifications to your users. This will help you easily endorse your brand, send offers and updates and keep your users informed about you.

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12. Multi-lingual Support

You can sell more to people by communicating with them in their own language as it connects people with your brand and you. Your app builder should come with this additional feature of multi-language support to make your users feel more related to the brand.

Translation tools often fail to justify the actual content of the app and much of the important information can be lost. Having a multi-lingual support can help you cover a wider demography and give your brand a global exposure. Get an app builder that customizes your app language as per the device settings of the users.

13. Content & ASO Support

It is not sufficient to just have a fully functional app and publish it on the stores. Your app must be competent enough to gain considerable visibility and good ranking as well. Get an app builder that besides ensuring quality, also assists you with content management and App Store Optimization. It should also allow the integration of your CMS (Content Management System) pages to your app.

It is evident that a well-designed app with an alluring icon can capture users’ attention and lead to conversions. The right ASO techniques and approach can further elevate your app’s presence and enhance its visibility and ranking. Besides, an app builder that has built your app will know it better inside out and ensure better optimization.

14. Analytics Support

Once the app is launched on app stores, you must keep a track of the number of installs, uninstalls and other such activities that concern your app’s performance. It is crucial to get an app builder that comes with basic analytics support feature.

It will help you in monitoring the number of your app downloads and the periodic growth pattern of your app usage statistics. Analyze the statistics, ratings and reviews to enhance your performance. By knowing about your strengths and weaknesses, you will also be able to set new marketing and business goals.

15. White-labelled Solution

If you prefer brand exclusivity and want to market your app as your own, you should look for an app builder that also offers White-labelled solution. All the prominent businesses and brands opt for this solution as it allows them to endorse the app built by the third party, as their own.

White-labelling removes any third-party branding from your app and helps you build your niche brand identity. This feature creates an impression among your users, that the app is a product of your brand and helps you enhance your branding and marketing road map. This should be an optional feature and not affect your budget if you do not need this solution.

Build the perfect app now!

Create perfect mobile app

This scrutiny of the various factors related to Android and iOS apps has been done in detail to give you a clear insight about the most important components of a perfect WooCommerce mobile app builder. Based on our anatomy and your deductions from the points discussed above, you can choose your app builder.

If you are worried about going overbudget in the due course of building an app with all the features discussed above, we have the perfect solution for you. Go to AppMySite free online app maker and build your app in a code-free environment at a nominal budget. The packaging and plans suit the different needs like only Android, or Android & iOS both.

Get the benefit of additional features like payment gateway integration, social media integration and push notification dashboard for free. You can also elevate the app’s functionalities with addon tools. Once the app is built and tested, you can proceed to upgrade and publish your app on platforms of your choice and reach out to the potential buyers in no time.

Ensure this tried and tested checklist of best WooCommerce app features and connect with infinite number of people and maximize your revenue. Contact AppMySite and build a premium app for your online store. Go ahead and claim your territory now!

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