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The impact of building a mobile application for fashion business

Fashion e-branding is not just about having a fancy web layout that showcases all your fashion products on the screen. It involves a strategic sound process that integrates planning, execution, innovation, monitoring, and regular improvements. Conversely, over a hundred million people are using smartphones. From a technically driven market to luxury fashion brands and products, every business wants to standout overwhelmingly to reach out to all their potential customers.

Mobile apps have broken all geographical barriers in this day and age. Consumers start to enjoy a seamless buying experience. In today’s unforgiving and highly competitive market, fashion retail businesses understand that there is no smarter and more efficient way to connect with consumers than having a mobile app.

Today, app stores are packed with licensed apps, and about 17% of them cater to fashion or related to fashion. These fashion apps include everything from shoes and outdoor gear to luxury and designer apparel.

In a 2011 survey, clothing and accessories were recorded among the second highest mobile-purchased items, next to electronics. In fact, 37% of all clothes and accessories were sold through mobile apps of fashion businesses.

If you have a fashion business, it may be a great idea to convert your WooCommerce website to mobile app in a way that can give you an edge and boost your turnover. Using AppMySite, you can easy make a fashion and clothing app in minutes without coding.

Let’s take a look at how your fashion mobile app standout against all the odds:

Mobile-shopping is not just a trend

As per Google insights, every four out of five smartphone users prefer shopping on their mobile. In a survey involving about five thousand and thirteen smartphone users are further revealed:

  • 79% of smartphone consumers use their mobile phones for shopping, comparing prices, finding more product information and locating a retailer.
  • 74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase, whether online, in-store or on their mobile phones
  • 71% search fashion brands on their phones because of an ad exposure, whether from traditional media (68%) to online ads (18%) to mobile ads (27%), that encourages them to purchase
  • 24% recommended a brand or product to others (family or friends) because of a smartphone search

This survey is a clear indication that consumers are regularly using their smartphones to find and act on information and to make sure your fashion brand can be found through mobile search, it is important to build an app for your fashion brand.

Mobile shopping – a seamless experience, anytime, anywhere

Shopping is the notion of going to one mall to another, comparing prices, trying stuff on, and so on. Specifically, for women, shopping is considered a ‘holy’ experience.

While shoppers are looking for convenience and ease-of-use, mobile apps bring access to all goods at a tap or two.

While some fashion and retail brands have not been recognised yet, some are still in the process of becoming invulnerable to the changing consumer behaviour in terms of mobile shopping.

For instance, Nordstrom, a well-known retailer, has adopted mobile commerce for quite a while now and encourage their consumers to go online while shopping. The company has got a good mobile strategy in place.

In the year 2012, Nordstrom launched its shopping mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms boasting smooth features after a highly robust iPad app. These mobile apps serve as a critical component for their mobile strategy, that helps them build a personal relationship with their customers, and further cementing customer loyalty towards their brand.

Shopping and mobility go hand in hand

In contrast to digital products, fashion apparel and accessories enjoy the second highest spending by mobile shoppers. It’s palpably a green signal for fashion brands to build a mobile app for their services and bring a strong customer base upfront to the market.

If you have a WooCommerce website and are still confused, or shy of taking the plunge into this highly competitive market, consider launching a mobile app with limited features to initiate. Perhaps, turning your website to a mobile app can stimulate the appetite of your potential consumers. To begin with, your mobile app doesn’t have to be full-fledged from the get-go.

In the year 2010, DVF, for instance, launched a mobile app with limited features. The brand launched its mobile app on iOS that allows customers to get a glance at fashion sense videos, store locations, product lines, including luxurious products. However, they limited the feature of buying from the app only within business hours.

That was not considered to be an ideal app feature, but the introduction of an app lures their consumers to go mobile and purchase the look.

Apps for entertainment equals apps for shopping

The truth is that it is important to draw the attention of your potential customers with relevant, entertaining, and engaging content.

When it comes to collaborating with movies and music brands, fashion brands are quick to sign-in but a lot of them still hesitate in integrating mobile shopping as a marketing campaign.

Sephora, for instance, says it can go hand in hand. The Sephora mobile app was launched for the iPad. While using the app, consumers can activate a digital mirror in the app. This digital mirror works using iPad’s front camera to show the customer’s face on one half of the screen, while consumers get to watch a video on the other half of a fashion expert giving tips on how to properly apply make-up. The useful and quite creative feature that encourages shoppers to watch themselves and repeat the same steps, like an expert.

Fashion brands just need to talk about selling their product (s)!

Smartphones are continually replacing and outpacing traditional cell phones, high-end PCs, and laptops. Mobile has eventually found its way, which results in, individuals of every age relying on mobile apps to get all things done, and among them, the fashion industry is progressively gaining momentum.

Businesses are thus moving towards mobile app development to grow their presence online. Whether it’s creating grocery delivery apps or any other kind of applications, businesses across the board are considering app development.

Indeed, the future is going to be extremely mobile, and fashion brands simply cannot afford to pass up this marketing strategy or get left behind in the dust among others who still haven’t gone mobile.

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